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The best mods for us

If you want more info about each certain video game, what you need to do is most likely to the post in question, which we leave you in each of the points out.

This year's sensation in the world of video games is undoubtedly Among Us, which is why it is nominated for the very best game of the year.

We will create this compendium in an organized way to ensure that you know what each of the mods is speaking about among us You should recognize that most of them are among us mods for COMPUTER however some additionally work with Android. If among them does not function, rest assured that we are functioning to accomplish this.

As a tribute to all that this video game has actually indicated, we have decided to offer you the very best collection of mods for among us that you can find readily available in one location.

If you are looking for the very best mods for among us You have actually gotten to the website suggested. At Citeia, we have all the mods available for downloading, installing and running efficiently. At the same time, we welcome you to join our Discord neighborhood to appreciate all the updates.

Mod Directed for among us.

This is just one of the most recent mods we can find for Among Us Mod Menu Apk as well as it contains a new visual version of situations. That is to say that the changes are visual, in this mod you can locate new aspects in the passages such as huge rugs with the image of some characters of the video game.

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You can also discover boxes and treasure chests throughout the scene, however that's not all. The colors have actually also been played a bit to give a various feel to the experience you experience when you relocate. As for the auto mechanics of the video game, every little thing is kept customarily.

Red demon mod for among us

Since there is a kind of routine that you have to perform, this is one of the last mods for Among Us as well as it has a lot of impact among gamers. As you read it, if you wish to activate this mod, you need to carry out some kind of ritual in the game so you can see the real changes in the mod.

Write-up de couverture du mod RED SATANIC FORCE put Among Us Mod Menu

This is a personality with 4 wings and also eyes, with an extremely grotesque appearance which will unquestionably make this mod one of the faves of lovers of horror entertainment.

Mod doctor among us

This is one of the most prominent mods you can discover in the game in recent months, why? This is since it is not a visual adjustment mod, truly this mod completely transforms the typical operation of the video game. Actually, it's a brand-new way to play in which you can delight in new active and functional attributes throughout the video game.

This is composed in that you need to eliminate 4 players, however the initial of them need to be the red team participant, when you have understood it, you need to go to among the spaces that are next to the activator. All you have to do is wait a while and you'll see just how the red savage satanic force of Among Us looks.

Short article de couverture de Mod PHYSICIAN for Among Us Mod Menu

The only objective is to make it set you back the impostor a bit more power to win by removing most of the staff. Certainly, you can change the rules according to your group of pals, what we can assure you is that this is one of the craziest mods of all.

This mod contains the person playing the function of medical professional entrusting to walk around the map trying to find crew participants who have actually been killed and also with the help of a button that will certainly be turned on, you will be able to drag them on the map. The objective is for you to take him to the medical area as well as revive him, the player that is resurrected will certainly not have the ability to inform that eliminated him or perform tasks.

To this checklist, you can likewise include Auronplay and also numerous others that have actually attempted this mod in their video clips and also live shows, showing that it is just one of the most amusing.

The mod consists of the personalities ceasing to be astronauts of different shades as well as develop into enjoyable rabbits.

What are the mods among us?

Before you begin the checklist, we assume it is essential that you recognize what a Mod is, since a lot of people hear or review the term yet don't recognize what it's about.

The bunny mod for Among Us is entirely free as well as you can get it from the article committed to it, so enter as well as go all out.

Ideal among us Mods

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Mod RABBITS for us

The RABBITS Mod is one of the most preferred you can discover. This is due to the excellent fame that lots of celebs in the enjoyment world have given it such as Vegetta777 and Willyrex.

A mod is a different version of the video game that has external functions ranging from look to work. Mods are 100% lawful since the programmers themselves utilize them to figure out what people like many regarding the game. In You can locate all this as well as extra, as well as you can download them to appreciate the very best of the games with your preferred personality.

The brand-new Mod 4 ROLES for Among Us.

Parmi nous KAWAII nouvel article de couverture de Mod Menu

Now we quit to suggest the Hack from among us with whatever opened.

Mod Sonic for among us

Continuing the listing of finest mods for us it is now the turn of the fastest hedgehog of all. This version of the game is very similar to the previous ones because only the look of the personalities adjustments.

However it has a peculiarity that can appear extremely

funny. It's that the poise of this Mod Among Us is that in the setup of the personality's speed you put the maximum.

If you like this Mod, start running at full speed to download it.

At first, you may not obtain made use of to the speed of dip into this rate, but with a little practice, you will definitely obtain used to it. On top of that, you can also dip into normal rate obviously.

This will make Sonic job or each of them at broadband, being true to the peculiarity of this personality. The Mod is extremely simple to mount as well as in the short article we clarify the steps to adhere to one at a time.

Write-up de couverture du mod Sonic for Among Us Mod Menu

You can likewise put on the fight suit. This Mod is just one of the most searched for due to the fantastic fame of the series via the generations. The Mod is not such as the others in which the personality already comes over default, yet it provides to you the elements to define it.

One more uniqueness of this episode is that in animals you can discover Pikachu and various other shock characters. Do not wait any type of longer and also become a Super Sayayin and also go download the Dragon Sphere Z mod for among us.

Dragon Round Z mod for among us

Another of the most preferred Mods, equally as Naruto enters the anime category, this is the saga of Goku as well as his pals. If you are a follower of this collection, you must try this mod as well as download for Among Us, it is composed in that you can change your personality with Goku's hair.

Dragon Round Z Mod put parmi nous article de couverture COMPUTER et Android

Having the ability to see everything in giant size provides a distinct vision to the game, we make certain you'll like it quite. It's a pretty very easy mod to set up by complying with each of the actions we leave you in the write-up committed to this.

Most preferred mods for COMPUTER as well as Android

Mini staff member mod for Among Us

They say the most effective points are available in little packages, currently you can check it out with this Mini Crewman Mod for Among Us. There is not much to describe about this version of the game, aside from to state that it is a modification in measurements in the appearance of your colleague or otherwise that of the impostor.

It's all based on the truth that the crew is small yet the remainder of the components are normal in dimension. The grace of this Among us mod is that it entirely changes your perspective of the video game.

remark être un mini membre d'équipage parmi nous article de couverture


Among the important things that makes this basic video game among the very best of the year is that it has terrific simplicity in ensuring the personalities. This is done with straightforward items that you can discover in the accessories supply.

When they see that has all the accessories and also clothing of the game, you can picture the surprise of your pals. So do not wait any type of longer to enjoy this setting with every little thing opened in Among Us.

This mod brings us a definite modification in regards to the visual appeals of the video game. Not like the other mods among us Computer in which only the character changes in this version there is a modification even in the switches.

Mod PINK for us

Among one of the most vibrant mods you can locate specialized to the international phenomenon of the year in the computer game industry is theMO d BLACKPINK for Among Us.

If you are looking for the best mods for among us You have reached the site showed. You must know that many of them are among us mods for PC yet some likewise function on Android. A mod is an alternative version of the video game that has outside attributes varying from appearance to function. Mods are 100% lawful due to the fact that the developers themselves use them to find out what individuals like most concerning the video game. Et maintenant, un Mod Among Us est disponible sur cette série.

We wish you like them and bear in mind that the most vital point is that you enjoy all the variations mentioned over. This without abusing the functions to ensure that the video game does not lose a few of its elegance.

One of the referrals we give you is that you sometimes disable the mod to ensure that other players do not identify you. You need to try to see in the most all-natural method possible.

In addition to that, it has other alternatives such as crossing walls, which will assist you remove the staff faster.

Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a various experience, this is the referral, the mod is extremely simple to download as well as set up. This version is inspired by the Korean music team of the very same name.

We also strive as well as constantly to bring you the Mods that appear. Therefore, we invite you to watch on the web page as well as educate on your own that you can subscribe to ensure that each of our information can reach you.

If you are a fan of the famous KPOP, you will love this Mod as well as it will make you have a good time in a terrific means. The technicians of the game and also its development are the same, so you don't need to stress over that information.


It is among the funniest video games, and a huge part of that fun lies in being the impostor of the video game. Since you have to admit it's even more amusing, a lot of individuals like to be the impostor.

Remember that prior to you install one of the Mods Among Us that we leave you, you should have everything else decreased. Ideally, you have actually downloaded them all in a folder as well as you're setting up the one you wish to review during that time.

You can use all the hats as well as skins in the game, as well as all the animals are offered for you to have a good time.


As you can see, we have lots of Mods among us for PC as well as Android, all are free. The download is fast as well as very simple so you can test each of the recommendations we leave you.

With this mod among us To always be an impostor, you can appreciate this adrenaline every video game. Best of all is that no one is expected to be the impostor a lot of times, so you'll question every person in each video game.

In the normal version of the game, many of these items are secured and you need to buy them. Yet this time we leave you this choice in which everything is unlocked.