Who We Are

The mission is simple:

America Sportbike Riders is committed to safe and respectful riding at all levels of experience. Members must display a high level of character, and be willing to share their knowledge with less experienced riders who also have a passion for riding. Ride Your Own Ride!

America Sport Bike Riders is a network of community meetups setup and run by servant leaders to help the sport bike riding community.

The group originated in Austin, Texas in 2013 with the first group and idea formed by Ignacio Pedregon, Dave Bobbit, and Cory Munson. The idea was simply to mentor new riders, teach them about the sport, and help them become better and safer riders.

TXSR branched off an even older group "Austin SportBike Riders" where the culture of AGATT, TrackDays, and Responsible riding took roots. Many of the "lessons learned" from that group are carried forth into TXSR and now America Sportbike Riders.

Since then the group has expanded to several cities all over Texas, Arkansas, and New Mexico.

Contact Info: txsrteacher1@gmail.com