Easy Steps To Activate Amazon Prime On Roku – Amazon.com/mytv

Amazon Prime channel is an American Cable channel based in New York. Roku Offers a live stream of FNC episodes. It is a premium service provided for various TV service subscribers. Apart from that, full-length episodes are also available.

The free subscription although has lesser features. But it has got enough content to keep you engaged. It covers news ranging from Politics to Science to Sports and others. Roku covers popular TV shows like Hannity, The Five, etc. That is one of the major reasons for the demand for the platform.

How to activate the Amazon Prime Channel on Roku?

Amazon Prime Channel is a popular channel. That's why many pay TV services like Comcast, Verizon, etc. support it. Streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, etc. have Amazon Prime Channel on their list as well.

If you want to activate the service, here are a few simple steps:

1) The first step is to install and launch Amazon Prime on your Roku Device.

2) Then, go to the settings tab and select “Log In Provider”.

3) A code will appear on the screen. Note it down.

4) The next step is to provide the media provider. Since we are working with Roku, we will select that.

5) Then, enter the code you got in step 3.

6) This will take you to a login screen specific to your TV service provider. If you don’t remember/know your credentials, call your customer care.

7) With a successful login, you can watch the Amazon Prime Channel.

It might be a case that your TV service provider doesn’t support Amazon Prime TV. In that case, you can't watch Amazon Prime Channel on your Roku Device.