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There are so many genres that come to mind every time you decide on watching a movie. And Amazon took upon the opportunity to enter into the entertainment business as soon as they understood the market dynamics. There are tons of web services that permit you to stream videos on Amazon Prime Video, but is the most popular and the most recommended among all those services. Here, you’ll get to know everything that you can use the above-mentioned link for and use it to your benefit.


The primary function of this significant web link is letting you stream Prime Video shows and movies on big screens. Imagine a weekend when you want to just lay back in your bed, order food, and have a movie marathon. Well, with Amazon Prime Video you can do it with ultimate ease. There are so many options to choose from either you want to just re-watch your favorite TV shows or explore some new genre. Watching video content on your smart phone is very convenient, but with you get a theatre-like experience at the comfort of your home. Another significant function of this weblink is that it houses the most appealing Amazon coupon code, Amazon promotional code, and Amazon discount code that Prime members can use and benefit from at the time of placing product orders.


To have access to streaming video content made available by Amazon, you have to have ongoing Prime subscriptions, and verification on plays a crucial part in the whole procedure. The personal data you submit at the time of the registration are significant and sometimes require verification to prove its validity. You will get notified by a text message or email or both (on the registered phone number and email address). Two ways can help you with it- receiving the verification code either by a voice call or a text message.

If you choose the text message route, the code gets delivered in just a few seconds, but depending on different concerned aspects, it may take up to 10 minutes to get delivered. Now, if you choose the voice call route, the code gets delivered in a few seconds but, leaves you with a single chance window that can expire and lead to 30-minute freezing of your screen. This is an easy procedure to undergo, but there have been reports of encountered difficulties. Therefore, you can simply visit the verification code to get relevant assistance.


Listed below are the steps you’d have to undergo to activate your subscription for streaming Prime Video on your big screen devices and get discounts on shopping with Amazon:

  1. To begin with, use a web browser to get into

  2. Note down or retain the on-screen displayed activation code

  3. Go to and log in using your credentials

  4. Search for the options link to “Your Vouchers” and go for it

  5. Move ahead by getting into the “Redeem another voucher” link

  6. Finish the procedure by filling in and submitting the code.

Note: Having an Amazon account and a paid Prime subscription is a mandatory requirement to succeed with the activation on


When you use the Amazon promo code to get a new or renew your Prime subscription, there are so many possibilities that Prime members can explore (discounts, extended subscription period, and so much more). However, when you hear for MyTV, it only means one thing- big screen entertainment of TV shows and movies that attract your attention and video content that you love. You can easily get Amazon Prime Video on compatible devices and enjoy your ultimate streaming experience. MyTV services are original Amazon service that requires going through easy and quick steps for the activation and obtain a theatre-like experience.


With the world evolving technologically, Amazon came up with its artificial intelligence service- Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a level in the technology-dominated world and has been driving in a lot of buyer base. can be used to create a link between your big screen devices and Alexa (device) to enhance your Prime Video streaming with a voice-enabled feature. You are required to complete the activation and all you have to do is command Alexa to play video content (TV show, movie, documentary, etc). Alexa will help you with the streaming, volume adjustments, play, pause, stop, forward, rewind, and the like. Amazon added technology to their services for a better user experience and has been gaining a lot of appreciation for making things easier and better.


Amazon is so much more than just any other e-commerce enterprise. It offers people tons of products and services, among which is a very popular service. It is used for two specific and significant reasons- streaming videos on big screens and getting exclusive coupons or discount codes. All these codes are required to be verified for validity and activated for usage. Mentioned above is every precise detail that you’d require to understand and use the given link. Let’s learn every detail about, which is a significant link by Amazon code for better discounts and user experience for streaming Amazon Prime Videos.