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These transfer designs do fade over time through use, washing, and drying, but in our experience the transfer has outlived the t shirt.

There are two types of transfer for t-shirts:

  1. transfer paper for light fabrics

  2. transfer paper for dark fabrics


  1. Place the transfer onto the garment with the image facing down

  2. Iron directly over the backing paper – up and down, left and right

  1. Allow to cool for 2 minutes and remove the backing paper

Dark Fabric

The transfer paper for dark t-shirts actually lays down a light/white background underneath the image you have printed. This prevents the dark color of the fabric washing out the design.

  1. Prepare your garment by washing and drying it

  2. Place transfer onto the garment with the image facing up

  3. Place tissue paper (comes in the pack) over transfer

  4. Iron transfer – up and down, left and right

  5. Allow to cool for 2-3 minutes and slowly peel away the tissue paper

High quality material, and eco-friendly ink.