Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a game?

You can book your game by clicking HERE.

What are your prices?

On Wednesday and Thursday our prices are $20 for children 17 and younger and $25 for adults. On Friday-Sunday our prices are $29 for adults and $23 for children 17 and younger.

What are my options for booking and paying for an Escape Room?

Option 1 – Reserve the room by booking at this link and paying for your entire party.

Option 2 – Don’t want to pay for your friends? Reserve a room by booking and paying for a minimum of two tickets at this link. If you have additional members in your party they can pay in person when they arrive or email with the date and time of your booking and we will send you a link that allows everyone to register and pay on their own. You can pay in person, but if doing so please come a minimum of 20 minutes early.

Can I fill out my waiver online?

Yes, you can fill out our electronic waiver HERE.

How are we ensuring the safety of our guests?

  • At this time all of our adventures will be PRIVATE experiences. You will not be combined with different groups to fill the room.

  • We offer contactless check-in as our waivers and payment options are all online.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, booking through our reservation system is recommended.

Do I need to come early?

Yes, each group should come 15 minutes early.

Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?

Absolutely! Please contact us for more information on our party room, corporate events, and large group options.

Is it scary?

There are no jump scares and we do not have any live actors in the rooms. It will just be you and your team working together. We can’t guarantee you won’t feel nervous at times, but you will have fun.

Am I really locked in the room?

No, you can leave the room at any time. The door you enter into is always unlocked.

Can children play?

Yes! The games are designed for ages 13 and up, but younger kids will still have fun with friends and family.

Do you have a party room?

Yes! We have a great party room you can rent before or after you play our escape room adventures. Contact us for more information.