Always Ask 

for Help 

The Arnie Stewart Story

Janet with pre-service teachers in Augusta, Georgia. 

Always Ask for Help Available today! 

This morning, our book Always Ask for Help was approved for worldwide distribution! 

It is difficult to put into words what I have been going through over the last few months. Transcribing Arnie's story as he told it from archived audio recordings and then including my perspective and story required me to be brave. Asking for help from editors, thought leaders, media specialists, and trusted friends was humbling. I never predicted how publishing would require me to harness all my strength. Here's how to purchase Always Ask for Help!

Always Ask for Help is purposefully produced, encouraging readers to listen while they follow along in the text. All lines are left justified, photos captioned, no glossy pages, sans serif font, and page 100 is celebrated. Lesson plans for teachers can be found on our new website

Testimonials for Janet Lee

"Thank you for coming and sharing with us today! This was an aspect of teaching I truly would not have considered being an issue because i didn't know it was so common." Pre-Service Teacher

"I loved you today and I feel so honored that you came to talk to us! Thank you for everything and keep going!" Pre-Service Teacher

"I'm going to try to find a speaker to send a message to four football players I'm working with who are on academic probation." Teacher

"I will incorporate this kind of authenticity in my work, and empower students to share their stories with me. I will also consider how I could put together a student panel to share stories." Teacher

"Thank you so much for recognizing the power of Arnie's story and encouraging us in education to make space for everyone's stories." Online Educator

Always Ask for Help shares the true story of Arnie Stewart and the impact of low literacy on his life. The remarkable documentary follows Arnie from as an extremely impoverished child with 11 siblings who shared two beds. 

At 15, his school principal kicked him out of school and told him he would never amount to anything. His father also asked him to leave his home.  

Later in life, he sought help at a literacy center. In 2007, he met Janet Lee, a high school teacher after he spoke to her class. Janet and Arnie teamed up and traveled to hundreds of schools where he bravely spoke about his low literacy. They handed out “Arnie” cards that encouraged children and adults to “Always Ask for Help.”

Arnie was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his work. He envisioned a world where everyone could read, write and achieve their potential. 

Always Ask for Help will encourage readers!

Listen to Arnie as you read.

Font and format on the page was purposfully placed to help struggling readers keep up.

Page 100 is a celebration!

During their work together, Janet discovered that Arnie, in his late 50s, still could barely read. She thought his literacy could improve if she asked the students to write him letters. Within weeks, thousands of students sent him letters. Reading the letters and corresponding with the students filled him with joy and improved his reading and writing. 

Arnie and Janet shared their dreams about how they could make a difference. They hoped the Arnie Card could become a symbol of empathy and goodwill in the world. Arnie rose from the ashes of his oppressed childhood and became a well-known advocate for literacy in Canada. 

Always Ask for Help transcends Arnie's historical struggles with literacy to reveal stories of current adults living with low literacy. Witness the daily struggles of these individuals who make their way through life by creating work arounds to survive day to day tasks. 

Meet Charlie Taylor

Our documentary is revealing the issue that persists today in the US. 

Charlie Taylor lives on a boat gifted to him by a stranger on facebook. 

Charlie never finished school but is an inspiration to the neighbors he assists everyday in Safety Harbor, Florida. He believes in the good of most people and tries to avoid those places where people overlook him altogether. His stories are Peter Pan adventures starring himself and his rescue dog, Lolita. 

Always Ask for Help is in production!