Alpha Supports Missions

Ethel Mathews, Mission Committee Chair

Current Needs

As our March mission project, we will be providing dinner and van drivers for Room In the Inn guests, Friday evening, March 1. We work with Youth Director, Sue Hyland. Our GUMC youth serve the dinner and act as hosts. When I asked Sue what she would like us to serve for dinner, she indicated that the breakfast dishes we served last year went over really well. Thus, we will once again do a “breakfast for dinner” as the meal. The sign-up sheet went around class this morning, but still needed are --

  • 2 people to bring breakfast casseroles (I will email the recipe)
  • 2 people to bring Hash brown casseroles (I will email the recipe)
  • 1 additional large mixed bowl of fresh fruit.
  • 1 additional dessert.

All food should be delivered to The Cottage at 5:30 fully prepared. Casseroles will be kept warm in the warming ovens. Please use aluminum disposable pans.

Contact Ethel Mathews if you can sign-up for one of the above (recipe will be furnished) or have any questions.

Alpha has come through again – Monday Ethel and Bob Mathews delivered 5 complete move-in kits to Golden Cross Ministries! Carolyn Phipps had previously delivered one complete kit, making a total of 6. Additionally, we have food supplies and monies left so we can provide additional help. Faye Bartlett will help to put together another kit or two in September. Golden Cross is now working with the Memphis Senior Coalition and thus had 18 homeless move into Wesley Housing since the beginning of the year! The supplies we provide are so needed.

*Team Read

The Team Read concept of tutoring or coaching developed by GUMC volunteers and Caldwell-Guthrie professionals was so successful at helping children learn the 1,000 foundational words of reading that Shelby County Schools (SCS) adopted it as the model for its schools. Without knowing these foundational or sight (or Fry) words instantly no one can read.

A study by SCS showed second graders who were coached gained nearly 200 more foundational words in a year than students who had no coaching. In addition, coached students performed statistically better on SAT II reading skill tests than non-coached students. GUMC first year results at Caldwell-Guthrie showed 73% of students gained 200 words or more (two Fry word levels), and our subsequent years were just as impressive.

GUMC’s Team Read includes more than 65 coaches during the year — providing second graders with a coach twice a week.

Weekend Food Program

Germantown UMC volunteers began a program in April of 2013, to provide food on the weekends to food-insecure children—children who often do not know where or what they will have to eat on the weekend. Currently, we are serving 350 children (identified as those most in need) due to the generosity of many in our church and community!

It takes $300 to sponsor one child for the school year. The food comes from the Mid-South Food Bank and is a nutritional assortment of cereal, fruits, vegetables, milk, juice, rice, protein foods; all child-friendly, and easy to prepare! The volunteer team packs the food and delivers it to Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School, and the children receive the food on Friday afternoon—6 meals for the weekend!

Here are what some of the parents of these children told the Food Bank:

“It helps him to understand the importance of food. I always tell him not to throw any food away. He looks forward to Friday every week. It is an awesome program.”

“…I worried about how I was going to stretch what food I had for my children. I don’t have to worry. My children get healthy and wholesome foods each weekend.”

To support a child, give a check payable to GUMC and note it is for “Weekend Food Program.” Questions? Contact Barbara Schanson at barcons@comcast.net

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