Our History

At the NBPTS national conference in Washington during November of 2003, several Alabama teachers sat in the hotel deli getting acquainted and discussing all that we were hearing. Several of us had just attended a session conducted by teachers from Florida and Virginia about forming state affiliates of the National Board. At that table this network was born. Several Alabama NBCTs met a few months later and began the process of developing a network that could connect the National Board Certified teachers of Alabama with the National Organization, with each other, and with educational systems in Alabama. Two of the teachers involved in that first meeting and the network beginnings had been asked to be State Farm liaisons with the National Board. State Farm offered a grant to help us begin our network. Jefferson County Education Foundation also offered help and support. After much paper work and communication, our network was granted non-profit status, and was approved as an official National Board Affiliate.

You can support the network by your active participation. Our officers serve two-year terms and this will be the year to nominate or seek new officers. We are also looking for those interested in serving on an advisory committee with representatives from different regions of the state.