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All Species Nurse!

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President/Founder; Dianne L. DeNardo


What is unique about All Species Nurse:

Consultations, assessments, collaboration, communication, and educational services as a health and safety coordinator for family and pet care needs.

​Breath & feel better knowing there are professionals, like All Species Nurse, that will work with you and collaborate with others that care for families that not only involves humans but for pets, too!!!

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world.

If a family member is unable to care for oneself, a loved one or pet, call All Species Nurse to help out for you; at home, travels to the doctor's office and assisting in the planning of care.

Dianne has created All Species Nurse as a new type of health care. The team purpose is to interact with individuals in the community and through affiliated healthcare facilities to provide specialized services, as well as assisting clients by providing education in an effort to take care of oneself and/or pets, as a liaison to promote health and communication between the patient and medical care provider.

All Species Nurse is also connecting with patients to ensure their pets are cared for, as well, if the owners are in the hospitals. All Species Nurse is always welcoming other organizations that may collaborate that share similar goals.

Please e-mail All Species Nurse for details of how to become a member.

Projects of Integrative Human and Animal Care Services.

Patient Pet Care (PPC); Ensurance for family and communities:

Description for overall understanding;

Patient Pet Care is not related to pet therapy by a service dog specifically trained to visit all patients with a Certified Handler. All Species Nurse believes the patient should have the right to have their own pets be included as a family member to visit their owners that are hospitalized. This would involve the hospital advisory board.

To promote health, safety and well-being of the patient/owner while preventing infections to other patients, an added facility would be ideal for patients to be assisted and transferred to the family facility unit that is created specific to the pet and the owner during visiting hours.

All Species Nurse has discovered an innovative approach that not only benefit the patient for increased recovery in the hospitals, but may protect individuals in communities, as well.

1. Promoting safe driving (oftentimes, car accidents not only affects the person(s) in the car, but the families are impacted, as well)

2. Save cost to individuals in the community, (i.e. promoting safe driving, reducing the expense of hospital stays and insurance, and generate the quality healthcare

3. Bridge the gap in communication between the patient and hospital staff, should the patient live alone and unable to inform staff of pets at home.

4. And, as mentioned above; patients that are hospitalized, there may be increased recovery, reduced stress and anxiety.

Resources Site (Public Encyclopedia of Existing Links Specific):

All Species Nurse TM includes a resource page (www.allspeciesnurse.blogspot.com) that directly links as shortcuts for the public that are searching for existing websites specific to their interests and published articles added by individuals of the community. You can have your own article, journal published by contacting All Species Nurse. You may also provide feedback directly on the page to the author of an article or to All Species Nurse.

Please refer to the primary All Species Nurse website for Policies, Procedures and Disclaimers.

Philanthropist; raising awareness and 10% quarterly profit:

All Species Nurse TM is a huge advocate for all living things, especially vulnerable human and animal populations and the environment. As a Philanthropist, the biggest encouragement is to "Get Involved; Join a Cause!" to increase awareness and inspire others for an ongoing support for individuals, families, national and international (global) organizations that share common goals.

Public Outreach

Dianne's specific focuses are on Anti-Bullying and educating public individuals in mind, body and spiritual health and well-being topics.

Innovative Wound Care products

Innovative injury specific products designs

(Internal division involving healthcare industries)


Relates to combination of Project I and IV

Services provided in integrative human and animal nursing

All Species Nurse

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All Species Nurse

"Patients, regardless of species, are not all the same with each having unique qualities that dictate the care needed and the means by which it should be provided." ...All Species Nurse


NOTICE: Information shared verbally, written or photographed is the property of All Species Nurse, LLC and contains information that is PRIVILEGED to you. Specific processes of projects are confidential.

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