Do Police Maximize Arrests or Minimize Crime?  Evidence from Racial Profiling in U.S. Cities

Journal of the European Economic Association

PDF  (working paper version) , Online Appendix

Pack-Crack-Pack: Gerrymandering with Differential Turnout

With Laurent Bouton, Micael Castanheira, and Garance Genicot


Media: VoxTalks

Prosecutor Elections and Police Killings

With Haritz Garro


Media: Probable Causation, The Washington Post, Pod Save the People

Polling Place Location and the Costs of Voting 

With Gaurav Bagwe and Juan Margitic

Revise and Resubmit at AEJ: Economic Policy

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Crossing the District Line: Border Mismatch and Targeted Redistribution

Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Politics

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