Who We Are

West End CDE Inc is a financial intermediary and New Markets Venture Capital Company, authorized under guidelines of the U.S. Treasury. We specialize in Qualified Active Low-Income Community Investments, crowd funded block development, business development, and accounts receivable financing. We sponsor a variety of investment funds and real estate projects across the United States and currently have over $14B of low-income community projects under management or development.

Our goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns for Community Development Financial Institutions, private funds and high net-worth individuals. We accomplish this through comprehensive strategies, rigorous underwriting, and careful execution.

At West End CDE Inc, we have an extensive background in multiple disciplines including restructuring, development, business development, crowd funding, structured finance, debt and equity origination, asset and property management, and fund management.

Our Values

Low-Income Community Investment Approach

We want low-income communities to have access to the community economic development financing that they need to become more vibrant and stable in order to achieve long-term sustainability. Their needs and risk profile are always at the forefront of our decision making.

Absolute Transparency

We offer complete transparency to investors and leverage lenders as we guide them through our investment strategy, capital deployment, and asset disposition.

Sophisticated Adaptability

Our experience with low-income communities through the market cycle gives us the unique ability to adapt to market trends while providing value added strategies.

Comprehensive Experience

Our expertise across a range of verticals, along with our community partners, allows us to successfully execute on investment opportunities.