Go Electric

Buy an electric car: New cars come with a $7500 tax credit. Used cars from Carmax or other locations are cheap - the Nissan Leaf and Fiat 500 can be had at auction for less than $5000 - it is easy to get an EV for less than $10,000. Details about cars at www.fueleconomy.gov

Get Help - VCC Bought our EV from MACs Service Center - they are great

Carmax: Nissan Leafs (Get DCFC) - Chevy Volt - Ford Focus Electric (No DCFC) - BMW i3 - Mitsubishi I-MIEV -

Use electric for your home - I am a big fan of electric lawn care stuff. Below are amazon links, great way to get low prices is to buy on ebay. the Black Decker Matrix system also has a 20v driver, and tons of interchangeable parts such as driver, drill, jigsaw, inflator etc.