As the cost of living increases in urban areas, educational efforts in these communities suffer. In Newark, New Jersey, this issue has become so apparent that local efforts have been made to solve this problem with the introduction of Teacher’s Village. Allen Chi is dedicated to promoting and supporting these new positive initiatives within his community.


A community’s educators are the leading guides and support systems of the town/city’s children. Allen Chi believes that it is a community responsibility to support teachers. That’s why he has recently begun promoting the efforts of Teacher’s Village, a mixed use lot stretching across 5 blocks in the heart of downtown Newark, New Jersey. The living and learning community consists of:

  • 3 charter schools
  • 1 daycare facility
  • 204 residential units
  • 65,000 square feet of retail space

This community space is a revolutionary attempt at combating the area’s increased cost of living, which has previously discouraged educators from pursuing careers in the city. Providing teachers with affordable living is the overall goal of the project. However, the residential space is also open to students and their families, as the founders of Teacher’s Village understand that an increased cost of living affects everyone.

Benefits of Teacher's Village

Perhaps one of the most unique advantages of Teacher’s Village is the benefit of a shorter than average commute. With commutes from home to work as short as 3 minutes, teachers are granted the ability to truly make the most of their time. Rather than sitting in grueling bumper to bumper traffic, teachers can clear their minds with a short, relaxing stroll back to their living space. As an added bonus, out of class tutoring and after school activities thrive in Teacher’s Village. Sharing a living community with their teachers offers students a truly unique way to approach their education.


Allen Chi is interested to see how the Teacher’s Village project will play out. The first of its kind in the United States, the living and learning community is currently in its trial phase. Only time will tell how the project will perform. But Allen Chi remains hopeful that this revolutionary idea will help the children and educators of Newark, New Jersey and soon after, communities across the United States and around the world.

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