The Very Best Shorts I've seen


The opening really grabs you. The military music and excellent camera angles and blocking. Black knife salesman visiting home of a fan of the Confederate flag - and ends up making a sale. Great idea.


Shows director Farzad Ostovarzadeh's uncanny ability to direct emotion. Skilled, patient and engaging camera work.


Writer Jon Zucker develops within a few minutes the personalities of Nick and Cassy. By the time they're in front of Chelsea's house, I already feel I know these people and cared what happened to them. "How is it possible to pull that off in 4 minutes?" I ask myself. "I'd be a happy man if I could write like that!"

Alternative Math

Absolutely brilliant tight script with a theme cogent to our times. Excellent production values and acting.

Guns Found Here

Absolutely brilliant beautifully shot documentary about the bizarre way the government traces gun ownership. The quirky comments makes it unforgettable. Simply a masterpiece by David Freid. This article claims the entire thing was shot in only TWO DAYS. How?