List of Services

Etiquette Classes

Etiquette Classes are available for private coaching, group, or corporate training.

Each class will cover the following topics:

  1. Dress code

  2. Self-introduction

  3. Deportment and body language

  4. How to be polite and respectful according to the situation.

- Restaurant & Romantic Etiquette: If you dream of being the perfect gentleman or an elegant lady, this class will help you to master all the table manners according to western etiquette.

- Business Etiquette: Perfect class for entrepreneurs, corporate workers, or students who want to master all the codes of the business environment. This knowledge will allow you to be noticed during a networking event, to feel confident during an interview or an important meeting.

- Program "Les petits Ambasseurs": Etiquette for Children, from 6 years old. ​As parents, you always want the best for your children. Social skills can make a big difference in their future as well-mannered people are still more appreciated and successful.

- High-Tea Etiquette: As an elegant woman with a social life in Asia, you sure want to enjoy high-tea with your friends. This old European tradition will have no secret for you. ​


- Home Etiquette, private dining: This class is for you if you want to host a dining party. We will show you how to be the perfect host, how to set your table, how to place your guests, and how to choose the menu.

Cultural Workshops

Cultural Workshops are available for private coaching, group, or corporate training.

- Champagne Workshop, with our own family production Legallais: This class will show you how to choose, serve, and taste Champagne. You will have a short introduction to Champagne production.

- History of European Art: A series of 12 classes to cover 2000 years of History. From Ancient Greece to the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was unveil to the public.

French Classes

French Classes are available for private coaching, group, or corporate training.

How can I help you?

You plan to travel to France or French speaking location? Do you need basic French for business reasons? Maybe you have a French speaking partner, family, or friend? Are you fans of French movies, artist, fashion and, you want to start learning French language? I also can help you with your french exams: I/GCSE, IB, DEFL/DAFL, DSE.

Whatever the reason is, I will design the teaching material for you, so you can get the most out of each class. After our first meeting, I will provide a syllabus especially tailor-made according to your needs. You will be able visualize your journey with French language and keep track of your progress. I will follow up your work with homework and evaluations.

The easiest way to learn French, as any language, is to practice a little bit every day. Learning has to be a daily and fun routine. A moment in your day where you can take a break and explore something new. Also, it is important to dive into the culture with movies and music. Listen and repeat, don't be scared to try. I am a French teacher, but I am also a learner. I know how it feel to learn a new language.

It is not difficult to learn French, if you focus on the next step, instead of thinking about what it takes to be fluent. That is why having a tailor-made syllabus and set achievable goals will help you to stay motivated.

French language carries a long tradition of literature and a heavy intellectual heritage. Some of our rules are perfectly rational, some are here just for the beauty of the words. With a little bit of patience and passion, you will enjoy your journey to learn French.

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