SIB Litigation

The removal of Vantis as liquidators in the collapse of the Stanford Investment Bank

In October 2009 I was instructed by Martin Kenney and Company to review the manner in which the UK firm, Vantis, had conducted themselves in respect of the preservation of evidence at a Montreal branch of the Stanford Investment Bank when they had been appointed receivers earlier in the year. I formed the view that they had seriously damaged the prospects for civil and criminal recovery by reason of their management of the forensic imaging of the SIB computers. I said so in very clear terms in a number of affidavits, citing my own experience in the UK courtroom in various high court cases involving comptuer evidence and by cross referring the affidavits to various academic texts.

My evidence was presented to the High Court in Antigua and was strongly opposed by Mr Marc Kirby, who was the Deputy Director of the then Centre for Forensic Computing at Cranfield University (which has now become Cranfield Defence and Security, the University’s embedded capability at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom at Shrivenham ). In June 2010 the High Court in Antigua came to its decision - and preferred my evidence over that of Mr Kirby. You can read the judgement of the court here.

As a consequence Vantis were removed as liquidators and another firm has been brought in to replace them. Although Vantis said that they would appeal the decision no appeal was filed within the prescribed period and consequently the decision of the High Court of Antigua stands.

At the end of June 2010 Vantis filed for administration.