About Us

Alhambra Preservation Group (APG) was founded in 2003 by Oscar Amaro and the late Katherine Hildreth. By 2003, Alhambra had already lost many important structures to demolition – excellent examples of period architecture which had figured prominently in the early development of the San Gabriel Valley.

Alhambra Preservation Group was established to prevent further losses by raising awareness about the value of preserving and restoring historic buildings, rather than consigning them to the wrecking ball. It quickly grew into a small coalition of community members who shared both an interest and appreciation for local history and a deep concern over threats to Alhambra’s historical architectural resources.

APG is an all-volunteer organization, governed by a Board of Directors. Our activities are supported by paid memberships and contributions. We’re here because we envision an Alhambra as a community that is moving forward – even as it celebrates its historical and architectural heritage; one in which the city planning process values the livability and character of neighborhoods over the potential profitability of high density development; one that recognizes the importance of green space and parks for their value to the entire community. We envision an Alhambra, rich in cultural, ethnic and architectural diversity, where the social, economic and environmental benefits of historic preservation support both community and commerce – a city looking to the future while honoring its past.