Alex Pitti

NeuroRobotics and AI


Group leader of the Neurocybernetics team


Computer science Department

CY Cergy-Paris University

course manager

M2 Recherche IA et Robotique

CY University

ex committee member CNRS GDR Robotique Robotique et Neuroscience GT8


I am currently Maître de Conférences (associate professor/HDR) at ETIS lab and leader of the group on Neurocybernetic at CY Cergy Paris University, Computer Sciences department Master IISC, AI. past Chaire d'Excellence CNRS in Cognitive Robotics.

I did my Ph.D. at University of Tokyo (in prof Yasuo Kuniyoshi Lab) and worked as JST researcher in the ERATO project of prof Minoru Asada.

My research is focusing on Embodied AI, Working Memory for Development, Body Image and Visuomotor Control, Soft Robotics and Tactile Sensors.

Because "the body shapes the mind", we have to design smart robot bodies for smart AI brains.

[research gate] [google scholar]


august, new paper in PNAS!! Digital computing through randomness and order in neural networks

june 28th, invited talk @ Mnemosyne team, Inria, Bordeaux, France.

june 10th, invited talk @ laboratory LEAT of Université Côte d'Azur, France.

Congratulation Xiaodan Chen! paper accepted to ICDL22. "Conditional Remapping of Visuo-Motor Control for 3D reach, grasp and tool-use with Brain-Inspired Bayesian Gain-Field Networks".

Congratulation Xin Li! paper accepted to BioRob22. "Travelling Wave Locomotion of a Tensegrity Robotic Snake Based on Self-Excitation Controllers".

12th September 2022, workshop Body Image & Cross-sensory Correspondences: What about Infants and Robots call for abstracts

- May 2022, published paper in Frontiers in NeuroRobotics, Continual Sequence Modeling With Predictive Coding

- April 2022, published paper in IEEE Trends in Cognitive Developmental Systems, In Search of a Neural Model for Serial Order: a Brain Theory for Memory Development and Higher-Level Cognition

- October 2021, évenement CNRS FutuRobot@Cergy