"Being a former refugee from the Soviet Union, I have built a good life in the USA. I am grateful to America and Newton for providing this opportunity to me. I believe when we have been successful in life, it is our responsibility to give back. I want to contribute by improving Newton schools."

Dear Friends

We did not win the election for the Newton School Committee. I am sorry that we came up short. A lot of people were helping us by donating their time, energy, resources, and giving us their invaluable advice.

We put up a good fight but unfortunately, citizens of Newton decided to stay with the status quo. Newton is still a one-party city and we, especially the ones from the Soviet Union, know that it does not end well. I hope that our example will encourage others to stand up. We showed to the city of Newton that a lot of people are unhappy with the school committee that is 100% unanimous voting along the one-party line.

I greatly appreciate the effort and help of my courageous colleagues Galina Rosenblit and Lev Agranovich. I would not be able to do this without them! Now, we are not just colleagues but friends.

I wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me to run and who supported me in my campaign. Never in my life, I had so many people cheering for me. This is something that I will remember and I hope my supporters will too.

Thank you very much,

Alex Koifman

Why I am running for the School Committee

Finding a rewarding job is becoming more difficult for young people in today's technology-driven marketplace. It is up to the School Committee to make sure that all students have the advantage of a real-world education so they can compete in an ever-changing and challenging work environment. As a member of the School Committee, I will champion the teaching of the very skills that are not only in demand today but which also provide the foundation for future job security.

  • Schools today do not adequately teach the essential 21-century skills, including computers, math and science. This is apparent due to many parents having to hire tutors or enrolling their children in after-school programs.
  • Elementary and middle schools often do not provide children with foundational knowledge in math and science, resulting in large disparities among students at the high school level, particularly between those whose parents provided them with enriching activities outside of school and those whose education occurred only within the school.
  • High schools do not objectively teach Western and American history so students can understand our contribution to the world and think critically about current and past political events.

To address these problems Newton must implement several interrelated measures:

  • Improve academic excellence – not only in high school, but also in elementary and middle schools.
  • Improve vocational training for students who do not plan to go to college or cannot afford it. There are great careers in computer repair, carpentry, plumbing, etc.
  • Attract highly qualified innovative STEM teachers to our schools.
  • Reward teachers based on merit and on what they do for the students.
  • Bring full transparency to the school curriculum and make it available online.