Alexis Ghersengorin

University of Oxford

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Economics at Oxford's Department of Economics and the Global Priorities Insititute and a Non-Stipendiary Fellow at Nuffield College.

My PhD is from Paris School of Economics (2023). For my 4th and 5th years, I worked at Sciences Po Paris with Pr. Eduardo Perez-Richet on the ERC grant IMEDMC.

During the spring quarter of 2023, I visited the Department of Economics at Northwestern University, under the guidance of Pr. Jeff Ely.

My research interests are in microeconomic theory, with a particular focus on information design and communication, decision theory, and behavioral economics. 

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alexis [dot] ghersengorin [at] economics [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk

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Besides, I was born in the heart of the French Alps, in Chamonix, at the bottom of the Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. I have been skiing, climbing, and practicing mountaineering since my young age. I am also passionate about philosophy, literature, cinema and music.

Update: August, 2023