Alexa Wing

Until my daughter determines that she would like to use this domain name I purchased for her a few years ago, I will use it as another example for my students, of the kind of information that should go on a website.

Remember, students, at the very least, every page needs at least two things: 1.] tell your visitors why they're here (why they should return frequently), and 2.] what they should do next (i.e., "click on this link to see samples of my artwork" or, "click the Contact page here, to send me a message." These are both examples of an internal link (because it links to another page on my website).

An example of an external link would be something like, "Click this link to view a new site we're building called, "" to see an interesting idea we want to use to promote our monstrous works of art in the Clairemont area.