Marching Band Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Marching Band take?

Marching Band does not take the entire summer. The typical marching season starts when school is out and ends on July 4th.

The band rehearses and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and typically marches in 8 to 9 parades.

The season is not extended into the summer much, giving more family time for the remainder of the summer.

There has been, and always will be a careful balance between marching band and summer sporting activities.

How much does it cost?

Alexandria is not unlike many other school districts that have activity fees.

Comparing our Marching Band activity fee to other schools in Minnesota, we are fortunate to be in the bottom third in cost.

Specific Costs

The activity fee for the Alexandria Marching Band is $125 for the summer.

Other costs include

Black Marching Shoes (Dinkles): $35 new, or $25 used

Gloves: $5 for 2 pair

Dry cleaning: $20

Band Camp Fee: $140

T-Shirt: $10

Uniform T-Shirt (UnderShirt): $10

Uniforms, transportation and all other marching equipment are supplied free of charge by the school and the band boosters.

Will there be an opportunity to travel?

Definitely! Besides the summer parades, the band takes a trip every other year so each student will have an opportunity to march in a high profile parade.

Where has the band been?

1987 Cotton Bowl Parade – Dallas, TX

1990 Tournament of Roses – Pasadena, CA

1990 US Olympic Festival – Atlanta, GA

1992 National Independence Day Parade – Washington D.C.

1993 International Lions Day Parade

1994 Fiesta Bowl Parade – Phoenix, AZ

1998 Tournament of Roses – Padadena, CA

2000 Fiesta Bowl Parade – Phoenix, AZ

2003 Citrus Bowl Parade – Orlando, FL

2006 Citrus Bowl Parade – Orlando, FL

2009 Greeley and Estes Park Parades – CO

2011 Coronado Island Parade – San Diego, CA

2011 USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Performance – San Diego, CA

2013 Seattle, WA

What are the sections of the Marching Band and where do I fit in?

Wind Section – brasses and woodwinds

Percussion Section – snares, bass drums, quints, cymbals

Color Guard – flags, rifles, sabers

Honor Guard – front banner, American Flag, saber, rifle

Do I need to be enrolled in Band to be in Marching Band?

Yes, the requirement is that students need to be enrolled in band class.

Marching Band is a very important extension or activity from the band class.

In the past, several Orchestra students have participated in the Marching Band.

That invitation is still there and we encourage anyone in Orchestra to become involved in Marching Band!

Marching Band is open to students who have completed 8th grade and up.

What are the Uniforms Like?

The uniforms are a black and white color combination and were new in 2006.

Each student will have a uniform fitting time set up so the uniform will be individually tailored to be comfortable.

The look is finished off by the shako (hat) and black feather plume.


Membership with the Alexandria Marching Band offers students many benefits.

The best of these include the opportunity to perform with other musicians and artists in one of Minnesota’s most respected marching bands!

All this is offered along with a schedule that has you in mind, because we know that balance is important in everyone’s life.

Our goal is to be the best high school marching band there is!

After all, excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Marching Band is definitely worth it! It is fun and you get to travel and perform with your friends. You can still do sports and be involved as I played summer baseball also. – Mitchell Peck, class of 2014 Saxophone, varsity Football, varsity Track.

The Alexandria Marching Band is known statewide and across the United States for its continued excellence.

We have many people who make the Alexandria Marching Band a strong organization: wonderful parental support, an instructional staff of experienced teachers and performers, a support staff that volunteers countless hours and talents, an administration that provides valuable financial support, local civic organizations and businesses that provided additional financial support, and a membership that forms a solid foundation of traditional excellence.

The Alexandria Marching Band strives to be the best marching band it can be, while providing an exciting program for its members and audiences, and maintaining a balance among marching band, work, school, other important activities and family.