Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco



Original role: team leader (withdrawn)

Current role: external collaborator

Original team members: Dr V. Ballerini & Dr M. Pedone

Grant no. B008-P00634

€236,000.00 covering the salary of three researchers, travels and research visits.

On the media

About me

I am an Universitätsassistentin (Assistant Professor non-tenure track) in the Research Unit of Applied Statistics (ASTAT) at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). I am also an affiliated member at Harvard University in the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science.

My main goal is to create interpretable and computationally efficient models for large complex data. I aim to give a better understanding of real world problems, and help to provide fast accurate decisions. I am interested in applications to problems in medicine, in particular cancer. I develop statistical methods for large heterogenous data, mainly leveraging Bayesian and probabilistic machine learning algorithms, and focusing on data integration. My main research interests include high-dimensional inference, applied Bayesian statistical modelling, dimensionality reduction, heterogenous data integration, graphical models, and clinical trials. 

Before joining TU Wien, I was a research fellow (assegnista di ricerca) at the University of Florence in the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications ''G. Parenti'', working with Prof. Francesco Stingo and Prof. Monia Lupparelli. Prior to the University of Florence, I was a postdoctoral fellow in Statistics at Harvard University in the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science, and I was also part of Prof. Lorenzo Trippa's group at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in the Department of Data Science. 

I did my PhD in Statistics on the joint CDT programme between the University of Warwick and the University of Oxford (OxWASP). I worked on statistical methods for genomic data analysis with Prof. David Rossell (UPF) and Prof. Richard Savage (Warwick).




TU Wien

Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics

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