Alcohol Toxicity

Is Alcohol A Deadly Substance

Since alcohol is legal to drink, you may wonder if it's actually dangerous. Many shops sell alcoholic drinks and there are loads of companies that advertise their alcoholic products in a variety of ways. So, when you think about it, the risks that come with drinking alcohol can't be all that serious if you can buy it as easily as you can buy a chocolate cake - and if it's legal to drink, right?

Wrong. The dangers are very real and do exist in their multitudes - and some of them are even life-threatening. In fact, there are so many dangers that come with alcohol abuse and addiction that you'll wonder why on Earth drinking is legal.

The damage that can be caused whilst drunk

Whilst people are intoxicated, they're less in-control over themselves and this is an obvious issue. This can lead to avoidable injury – in car crashes, falls, fights and so much more. Plus, if anybody is involved with any of these, there's a high chance that they will either be severely injured or fatally so.

Also when people drink, it heightens the mood that they are in. So, if they're in a good mood, they will feel even better. But, this also works with negative feelings, too. People with depression may turn to alcohol thinking that they'll feel better, but it will actually make them feel worse.

This can lead people to plan or even commit suicide, or do something else that could negatively change their life.

Alcohol poisoning

When people drink more than their body can handle, they may have an overdose. Anybody who drinks too much can be at risk - and if they do, they may suffer in the future, or they may die from alcohol poisoning.

Why is alcohol legal?

Since there are all of these issues (and many more), you may wonder why it's legal to drink alcohol.

Well, people are allowed to drink because it's okay to consume alcohol in moderation. Small amounts are okay - and are enough for individuals to enhance their positive experiences in social situations (i.e. birthdays). It's just when people start to drink too much that the issues begin.

Alcohol Treatment & Rehab

Alcoholism rehabilitation centres were made to help people with addictions and they can often be successful, for alcohol related issues. They provide care, treatment and support to their patients - and once the treatment program is over, it's likely that they will be cured of their dependency. Also, rehab centres can help to reduce the chances of relapse (which is when a person was sober and free of their addiction, but began drinking again), too.