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A Normal Day at Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Although you may know what inpatient alcohol rehab treatment is, you may not know what a normal day of rehab consists of. Knowing about the daily routines that medical centres offer could help you to get a better understanding of the processes involved and how it could help you.

What is inpatient rehab?

These kinds of centres can give alcoholics the chance to become sober. Often, the facility will offer a range of treatments to help you to recover from your addiction, so you should do a bit of research about certain rehab centres before you choose to go with them.

For a set amount of time (which can be anywhere between 3 and 9 months), you will remain within the facility whilst receiving treatment. Also, in nearly all instances, you will be unable to leave the centre once you have entered.

The start of the day in alcohol rehab

At an inpatient rehab centre, you won't get a nice long lay in. Instead, you will often be woken up quite early to have a healthy meal for breakfast. After eating, you might be able to play sports or partake in other healthy activities.

The reason that you are required to start the day off in a healthy manner is because it can help you to get into a set routine with better habits, which can help to keep you away from drinking.

The afternoon in alcohol rehab

Within most inpatient centres, you will receive your treatment and have a healthy lunch during the middle of the day. Often these treatments are group therapy sessions, but certain facilities may offer different services. For example, some rehab centres bring in previous patients to talk about their own stories of alcohol abuse and recovery.

They may talk about their life whilst an alcoholic, the time during their treatment and also how they're doing now that they are sober. This can help you to feel more confident in the treatment centre; it can also give you an idea of what other people have suffered with and what they have accomplished.

Knowing this can encourage you to reach your goal of being free of alcohol.

The end of the day in alcohol rehab

After you have finished with treatment for the day, you'll have a healthy meal and will likely be able to spend some free time enjoying your own activities. Sometimes however, you may have more treatments after eating, but this depends on the centre.

Also, bed time is usually not very late within most inpatient facilities. This is because you're most likely to be fresh and ready for your treatment the next day.

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