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The Bribe & March 15, 2022 Minutes FRAUD

Alleged Bribery of Staff by Municipal Affairs - Legislative person was offered an increase in salary up to $50k/yr plus a Director of Corporate Services position. Met with staff to convince them to join her. This person was caught disclosing the fraudulent Mar 15, 2022 minutes to a staff member. Bribing a government staff is a criminal offence. 

Unfair Government oversight should be questioned by the  citizens of Chestermere.

Minister McIver removed our duly elected Mayor and three council  members on Dec 4, 2023, while at the same time protecting the three other Councilors that were caught misleading and colluding with Municipal Affairs and the RCMP.  These Councillors  began orchestrating for the removal of the Mayor and councilors days after the election in Oct 18, 2021. 

Minister McIver  breached code of conduct by not disclosing his relationship with previous Chalmers .He should have recused himself  from  dealings with the City of Chestermere.

Within this site you will find evidence of alleged corruption, conflict of interest, collusion, schemes planned and acted upon by Minister McIver, Municipal Affairs staff, ex Councilors and the RCMP detachment in Chestermere.

Our Mayor and Council should not have been removed.

The majority of our Council ran on reducing taxes, stopping wasteful spending, respecting taxpayers dollars, building a commercial tax base, transparency and cleaning up corruption.

The Mayor  and Council were elected Oct 18, 2021 by the residents of Chestermere.  Mayor Jeff Colvin was elected by  a 2 to 1 margin. He won 63% of the vote.

Our Council has gained experience over the first half of their term ,  and they have seen how our and other municipalities grossly over tax residents and waste tax payers funds. Change is badly needed in Chestermere.  Municipal Affairs  should leave  Chestermere alone , and allow it to function under our duly elected Mayor and Council . As a result of the Municipal Affairs action in removing our Mayor and three Council members , Chestermere is now being governed by unelected officials .

The Province  of Alberta passed recall legislation for residents for a reason. To give residents a choice to have their council investigated if they felt they were not performing properly. However, it was not the residents of Chestermere who  chose to call for an investigation  . There was no petition ,by the residents.  The investigation was initiated on the basis of only a few  (undisclosed by MLA McIver ) letters  by unhappy residents , staff and previous council members . The letters have not been verified as legitimate .Mayor Colvin and Council found and reported numerous instances of possible corruption to Minister McIver, including some that implicated McIver's brother in law, ex Mayor Chalmers. McIver acted on none of the allegations and instead sought avenues to remove Mayor Colvin and Council.  We have evidence that shows McIver was caught planning removal of councilors days after election of Mayor and council, Nov 8, 2021.

Our Mayor and Council saved millions of dollars each year for our city. They  have cut taxes by 25%. and were in the process of adding a record $4 billion to the commercial tax base.   In short, our Mayor and Council were in the process, for the first time, of seriously changing the course of our City.

You will discover a lot of information in this website. Evidence of findings, proof of schemes and kickbacks. McIver is offside, constantly leaking lies to the press, misleading the public with false information and is in breach of ethics and  has repeatedly demonstrated a conflict of interest - which is not permitted in his position. 

Our Mayor and  three Councillors have  undertaken court actions against McIver and Municipal Affairs and have further court actions pending. It seems our judicial system is the only way   for the truth to be revealed.  We must get the government officials under oath and prove to our residents how McIver and other Government officials were wrong to fire our  Mayor and Council.    

To date, in court, McIver has avoided being under oath, sending others in his place. At this point McIver and Municipal Affairs are in breach of a Judges order to produce the record of evidence, similar to an affidavit of evidence.  The record of evidence should justify why Municipal Affairs chose to  inspect and fire our Mayor and Council. The fact they have avoided doing so, speaks volumes. 

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to review and  have McIver cross examined. We believe our Mayor and Council will be able to prove  in Court that this entire situation has been a hoax, and is an orchestrated plan to protect alleged corruption.

Below are the links that show what our Mayor and Council achieved or were working  on. You can also view the information via the website menu. Each page shows the wrongful actions by Minister McIver, Municipal Affairs and all the other characters involved in this charade.

We are open to any questions you may have.  We are prepared to go through each and every false statement by McIver and prove with evidence why  it is false.  Please send us a question and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Weekly Focus


We believe our as residents of Chestermere, our City Hall are in need of a paradigm shift  in thinking. 

Do you, our neighbor, feel abused, or  bullied as a taxpayer, that your not being heard , or the provincial government  is in a world of its own and they are spiraling out of control? Are you frustrated that our taxes are being raised, and our  tax dollars are not being spent wisely? 

Taxpayers should be considered owners, like shareholders of a company.  The City works for the taxpayers and needs to work accordingly. We need to take control of our destiny.  It is our City.  We decide how Chestermere should grow and feel. We do not let others, with outside interest decide. 

Our Mayor, Council, and City Hall staff are in the position to create a return to its owners. While we may not get money returned, we should get services and facilities,  of our parks, streets and facilities should be well cared for. Our City Hall must perform for us, and not allow them to have their own agenda any longer. 

As residents, we have wanted to maintain our small town feel and grow our commercial tax base for 20 years. Yet, past councils have never achieved this goal. In fact even blocked the realization of this.  We as residents should stand up and say that is not acceptable. 

We have a voice, we need to use it. If we want large lots, then we have large lots. If we want more parks, better policing and more recreation then it must be accomplished by the people we elect to get the job done.  And if they don't get the job done, we don't elect them again. The government doesn't get to step in and decide to cancel all the great work our Mayor and Council have done. 

We are the owners of Chestermere and we want the best people working for us. These people manage our money, our most valuable assets. Our City budget is over $50M a year.  If this was a $50M corporation, you would expect serious experts to get serious results. 

Municipal Affairs does not dictate how our City should grow or feel. They have no business making policy decisions like they are now. It's time to take a stand, stop this madness. Stand up for your rights.

Summary  of McIver, ex-Councilors, staff Conflicts of interest, bias and irregularities.

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SH Summary v2.pdf

You will see how 

Municipal Affairs forced to admit past Council, Minister McIver Brother in law ex Mayor Chalmers ran a deficit every year for their 4 yr term and in 2020 lost $7M and hid from residents.

Municipal Affairs forced to disclose hidden losses by Chalmers Council in lawsuit with City,  that were never disclosed to residents, during 2017-2020.

City used government grants to fund operations, which is not allowed. Government Grants are meant for infrastructure projects. Previous councils used grants to operate the city. Complete mismanagement.  Our New Mayor and Council did the right thing in trying clean up and restructured City Hall. In their first two budgets, the saved millions in surplus, and provided tax reductions two years in a row. The last year they provided residents with a 25% decrease in taxes - McIver needs to be removed 

2023 11 sandberg affidavit financial performance.pdf

Municipal Affairs admits past councils financial performances were dismal - $7M Deficit in 2020. Mayor Chalmers 2017-2020

September 2020, Council & Admin were accused of Fraud & Corruption. McIver did nothing, looked into nothing??? 

Expose the Truth, behind the lies

Municipal Affairs, Ric McIver caught taking away voter rights.

What started the 2022 Chestermere Inspection?

2016  - Chestermere, 5500 residents signed a petition to investigate Mathews Council for alleged corruption and CUI Utilities. - Municipal Affairs did nothing.

2023 - Cochrane, 4000 residents signed a petition to investigate Council for Corruption - Municipal Affairs and McIver do nothing.

2021 - Chestermere, 37 letters, no petition. Many non-residents, no vetting to tell if real people. Three councilors many letters of false information counted. 

- McIver calls inspection.🤔🤯

Minister McIver forced to reveal only 37 letters were sent to Municipal Affairs that sparked the inspection and ultimate firing of our Mayor and Council. He admitted many were from former city staff and former Councilors Councilors Narayan, Dean and Watt. . NOT residents!  The Minister never verified if people were real people and not fake profiles. Incredible bias!!!

Minister McIver embarrassingly, forced to admit only 9 phone calls over past two years were about current council. - Glaringly obvious conflict of Interest by McIver

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