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Alberta Chung Wah School was founded in 1996. It is operated by the Alberta Chung Wah School Society, a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency. The school currently operates at Georges P. Vanier Jr. High School (509 - 32nd Ave NE, Calgary) on Saturday mornings from 9:15AM to 12:15PM.

Alberta Chung Wah School aims to promote the Chinese culture through its well-structured Cantonese and Mandarin language programs that are strongly complemented by the experiential learning of cultural tradition and educational practice. Our mission focuses on the four fundamental traditional Chinese virtues of:

• De [德] the spirit of moral education,

• Zhi [智] the spirit of intellectual education,

• Ti [體] the spirit of physical education, and

• Qun [群] the spirit of group harmony and appreciation.

It is through these virtues that our younger generation will learn and embrace the Chinese culture, and to proudly share it with their communities and beyond.

Our Features

• We offer classes in Cantonese and Mandarin.

• Small class size allowing teachers and students to have more interaction time.

• Individualized teaching strategies to meet the different needs of students.

• Students learn through playing games, making crafts, singing songs and other activities.

• “Have fun learning Chinese” is a program for students to learn both Cantonese and English starting from age 3.

• High school (Grade 10-12) students will obtain high school credits upon completing the courses.


亞省中華學校成立於一九九六年,是一個已在加拿大稅務局註冊的非牟利慈善機構,由亞省中華學校協會執行管理。目前於星期六上午9:15 至下午12:15,租用卡城公立教育局的Georges P. Vanier Jr. High School 授課。


• 德:道德教育的精神

• 智:智力教育的精神

• 體:體育的精神

• 群:團體和諧互賞的精神



• 設有國、粵語班級,顧及學生不同水平及文化背景,因材施教。

• 注重培養學生投入學習,提升成效。

• 小班教學,讓老師與學生有更多教學的交流時間。

• 通過遊戲、手工、唱遊等活動教學,打穩學童聽説讀寫能力的基礎。

• “快快樂樂學中文”從學前幼兒班開始採取國、粵雙語教學。

• 高中十至十二年級學生,完成課程可獲亞省教育部認可之高中學分。

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