Upcoming Events & Activities 近期活動

  • Classes are starting September 26. Please check your email for scheduled lesson time.

  • 課堂將於9月26日開始。請查閱您的電子郵件已安排的上課時間。

  • Please pick up textbooks and pay tuitions on Saturday (Sep. 26) and Sunday (Sep. 27) at 1pm - 5pm at the school office.

  • 請在星期六(9月26日)和星期日(9月27日)下午1點至下午5點在學校辦公室領取教科書並支付學費。

Notice 通告

  • The school is only offering online learning for the Fall semester. Classes are starting September 26. Each teacher will contact the students assigned to her class for the scheduled lesson time.

  • 學校在秋季學期僅提供在線上課。 課堂將於9月26日開始。每位老師會聯繫其班級的學生以安排上課時間。

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