Group members

Current PhD student

Mr. Rohit singh (PhD)

Join IIT, Kanpur - July 2018

Working on: Acoustic source localization, Array design and beamforming, time-reversal process

Contact: , +91-9455793151

Post-graduate (Masters) Student Supervision Experience: The University of Adelaide

1. Rahul Sudhakaran

An experimental investigation of the flow-induced noise generated by a porous trailing- edge of a flat plate

2. Aravind Sivakumar

An experimental investigation of a turbulent-boundary layer interaction with different serrated trailing-edge configurations

3. Chandrashnata Das

An experimental investigation of the flow-induced noise mechanism of a flexible flat-plate trailingedge

4. Aniket Jagtap

Aeroacoustic investigation of effect of a detached plate on wake of a square cylinder

5. Sajeev Thiyagarajah

Experimental Investigation of noise from Leading edge serrations represented as Delta wings