Biographical information

I began teaching Jr. High English and math. I taught in the classroom for seven and a half years until taking my next position. I trained and supported teachers in their use of technology in the curriculum. Here is the high school I used to work. After working there for another seven and a half years I moved to the district office. I continued doing the same kind of work but now for all of the schools. Our department supported all staff and students in the district with many different technologies. We supported more than 20 different systems, from email to web servers, from Voice Over IP (VOIP) to network filtering, from internet access to troubleshooting and repair. I am now back in the classroom again. I taught middle school English, Science and Math at Garfield school in Alhambra for seven years. Perhaps you have noticed the pattern of sevens. I am teaching English at Alhambra High School now, and if all goes well I shall be here for seven years.

My personal accomplishments, I hope, you will find unusual and surprising. I am a husband of 30 years, I think that is quite an accomplishment. I am the father of two wonderful adults, one is also a public school teacher who's students love him. I am the recipient of many friends, some of whom I have known since I was in kindergarten in 1970. Finally, I play two instruments, play soccer, ride mountain bikes and restore old cars. Here is a link to some of the project I have worked on and am working on.