AI Summer School

Organised by

Google Research India

August 20-22, 2020

Note: Due to the growing COVID Situation, the AI Summer School will take place virtually.

All selected applicants have been notified over email.

We will be hosting the lectures and discussions on our website post the summer school for everyone we could not accommodate.

About the Program

Google Research India is hosting a three day AI Summer School. The program structure is to have an advanced Machine Learning School (taught at the Graduate Level) to discuss the state of art of a variety of ML Techniques and also discuss their limitations and critiques.

The Summer School will consist of three days of research lectures and discussions with students where esteemed researchers will discuss ideas/papers in AI Research in a lecture style and lead discussions on these topics.

The first two days of the summer school will consist of research discussions in the broader Machine Learning Area. The third day of the summer school will have three sub-tracks.

Sub Tracks:

There will be a General ML track along with specialisation tracks in Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision and AI for Social Good + Human Computer Interaction.


Jeff Dean

Google Research

Eunsol Choi

Google Research and UT Austin

Manasi Joshi

Google Research

Mitesh Khapra

IIT Madras

Rahul Sukthankar

Google Research

Cristian Sminchisescu

Google Research

Srini Narayanan

Google Research

Ed Chi

Google Research

Neil Houlsby

Google Research

Nal Kalchbrenner

Google Research

Toby Walsh

University of New South Wales

Vineet Gupta

Google Research

Sarit Kraus

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Fernanda Viegas

Google Research

Nithya Sambasivan

Google Research

Vihan Jain

Google Research

Jean-Philippe Vert

Google Research

Milind Tambe

Google Research & Harvard University

Arsha Nagrani

University of Oxford & Google Research

D. Sivakumar

Google Research

David Ha

Google Research


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