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Swirl around the city of Seattle with Alaska Airlines

What is the most valuable treasure in the world? Some will say gold, some will say gems like a diamond and some will says antiques but the most valuable treasure is the memories. Yes, memories are the most valuable thing that a person can have. In end, all can matter are the beautiful memories of loved ones. Sit back for a minute and think- Do you have enough memories? If no, you should start to collect more memories, and if yes, you should create more because more memories mean more happiness. Trips are the best way to collect memories. Want a suggestion about where you should start to create memories, Seattle is a nice city for starting. This blog is a celebration of the beauty of the city of Seattle. Fly to this amazing city with Alaska Airlines and save big bucks for the next adventure.

Seattle- ‘as beautiful as emerald’

Washington has the title of “Evergreen City” but the city of Seattle is actually looking more green like an emerald from the aerial view, that’s why the city is also known as “Emerald City”. Seattle is also known for its coffee cultures and got the title as ‘World center for coffee roasting’. You may not find something but you definitely will find a coffee shop. Boston just its cup of Coffee! Enjoy the coffee in Seattle; book your tickets easily with Alaska Airlines Phone Number.

Let’s swirl around the city to know a little more about some famous places of the city.

Pacific Science Center

This museum is perfect to spend some family time where science lessons become alive. In the Pacific Science Center, you can explore galaxies far or near to the planetarium. Get to know a little more about beautiful colorful butterflies in Tropical Butterfly House. Don’t forget to see the maneuver- two-ton granite ball.

Space Needle

A famous icon of the city was built in the year of 1962 for the occasion of World’s fair; the space needle is about 605 feet tall and now recognized worldwide. The lift takes only 43 seconds to reach the observation floor where you can enjoy the top view of the city. The design of the space needle seems similar to the doodle-on-a-napkin concept. From the top, you can see the Elliott Bay, the Cascade Mountains, and even Mount Rain.

Smith Tower

The first skyscraper of the city, Smith Tower was built in the year of 1914, on 35TH-floor observatory you can enjoy the 360-degree beautiful view of the city. This tower is now a very well-known and signature place in the city.

These are just a few places where you can go during your Seattle trip this is more like a teaser, the full movie is still waiting for you in Seattle. Book your favorite seat with Alaska Airlines Check in. Happy journey!