General Rules

  • General tolerance is expected, human rights are sacred; national, gender, intellectual superiority ideas cannot enter the house.
  • We collect waste selectively. We have compost for on-site recovery. This will take: raw vegetable parts, coffee beans, short human hair, nail clippings. No animal waste except for eggshells (or dehydrated and burnt bone powder), other cooked vegetable waste, tea filters. We collect paper as well as glass separately, and metal and plastic also separately, but combined.
  • In the spirit of environmental awareness, short showering is recommended, and unless justified by hard physical work, not more than once a day.
  • Our house is located inside an olive grove. In other words, the plot of the edifice is taken from nature. We do not have pets, but we are happy that the endemic fauna is living with us: birds and lizards frequent our garden and walls. Please, respect the geckos inside the house, they are our friends!