Mission Statement

Aim4Haiti npo is committed to supporting sustainable community development in Haiti.


Aim4Haiti non-profit is committed to supporting sustainable community development in Haiti.

Our dedicated team made up of Haitian and non-Haitian members strive to support Haitian independence through micro-enterprises, including the sale of direct trade products, and through our goat and chicken projects, tree planting project. We also only buy Haitian vegetables and eggs in an effort to support the local economy.

Haiti itself is a country striving to rebuild and regain independence after the devastation of the earthquake in 2010. Food insecurity is present, sources of clean water are scarce, and there is limited healthcare services, and the basic needs of humankind are often not being met on a regular basis.

Haiti is also a beautiful country, filled with many beautiful people living on the margins of life. Once a vibrant caribbean country, with an interesting history as the first free black republic.

Aim4Haiti advocates and helps promote Haitian independence. We support Haitian entrepreneurs in new business ventures,and Haitian healthcare providers in running their own independent mobile medical clinics and carrying out their own home visits within their communities.

If you wish to partner with us in helping support any of our projects, then please feel free to make a donation via the above noted online donate button.

You can also private message us via email or check out Aim4Haiti facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aim4haiti/ or follow us on Instagram @aim4haiti.

To order any of our Haitian fairtrade items, such as Sweetgrass baskets, Haitian coffee, handmade crosses, or to order personalized artwork for up and coming weddings, anniversaries, graduations, ordinations or birthday gifts, please send us an email at aim4haiti@gmail.com

A BIG thank you to all our 'Friends of Aim4Haiti' for their support and prayers thus far!

Team Aim4Haiti

Email: aim4haiti@gmail.com



Organic, Artisan Direct Trade, Speciality Haitian Coffee


Looking for a special holiday gift? Why not treat a loved one, friend or neighbor to a delicious, organic, blue washed, freshly roasted organic, artisan Haitian coffee this holiday season!

Organic blue washed, Haitian coffee is grown at the high elevation of 7700 feet above sea level, which leads to the exquisite tasting blue coffee bean. The fermentation process takes 20 hours, then the beans are washed with fresh, mountain, spring water, and left to dry for 15 hours. This special process allows for this delicious tasting coffee to be produced.

Aim4Haiti non-profit has a limited supply of organic, blue washed, freshly roasted Haitian coffee for sale.

To place an order please click on above donate button and put "Coffee" in memo box, or email aim4haiti@gmail.com

Each bag of coffee costs $15 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting Haitian farmers.

Coffee can be delivered locally, or include a $5 shipping fee for within the USA.

Thank you for your orders!

Enjoy your coffee!

Team Aim4Haiti



This fall the Aim4Haiti team joined forces with local Haitian farmers and a local chicken and egg business in Port au Prince to help provide organic food baskets and eggs to Haitian families in need. (See below photos.)

Many Haitian children and elderly are malnourished, with many only eating one meal a day, some one meal every two days. These nutritious vegetables and protein filled eggs will help feed a family in this situation. In addition to helping to feed hungry families, this joint venture helps support local farmers who are working to feed their own families and send their own children to school. Each locally grown, organic vegetable basket, comes with a tray of local eggs, and is hand delivered to a family in need.

The cost of one handmade basket filled with organic vegetables is $17 combined with a $9 for two trays (new sale price) of 30 eggs, pick-up fee of $3 and delivery fee of $4 brings the total cost to $33. If you feel moved this American Thanksgiving season, or up and coming Christmas and Holiday season to help provide a family with a food basket you can donate online by clicking the donate button above, please mark "Food Basket" in Memo box. Or, checks can be made payable to "Aim4Haiti NPO" and mailed to, 2 Acorn Circle, Essex Junction 05452 Vermont, USA.

We know there is poverty in places like USA and the UK too, but nothing compares to the poverty and dire circumstances of the people of Haiti. There are no food stamps, no soup kitchens or food pantries, or government aid in Haiti to help feed needy families. Currently the inflation rate in Haiti has quadrupled, gang violence and government protests continue to make life hard for Haitian families.

Thank you and please feel free to contact us via email at, aim4haiti@gmail.com if you have any further interest in our work.

Team Aim4Haiti


In 2020 Aim4Haiti organization partnered with MMU Global Health Initiative (GHI) to help plant trees in Haiti.

In looking at climate change, we have learned from our Haitian agronomist friends how trees help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, enhance soil allowing for better absorption of rain leading to higher groundwater levels, and also reduce the risk of mudslides.

This global outreach project will help provide food, water and jobs for the people of Haiti and help our global environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about our new initiative please contact Gillian Compo at aim4haiti@gmail.com

Thank you, Team Aim4Haiti.

Beausejour farmers.

The road to Beausejour.

New home project in Canaan completed August 2019. (photos with permission.)

Haitian products for sale

Sweetgrass baskets

Peak Macaya, organic, high altitude, artisan coffee

Handmade, hand painted tin crosses

Hand painted rock hearts

Personalized artwork to order. Great for anniversaries weddings, ordinations, graduations and birthday gifts.

Email: aim4haiti@gmail for orders.

Thank you!

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