Mission Statement

We are a local non-profit organization striving to help end global hunger and poverty.


Our Work

Founded in 2017, this Haitian/Scottish-American run NPO partners directly with the Haitian founded; Little Brothers of St. Therese, Beausejour Mission, Beausejour, Haiti to help support this farming community's independence and self sustainability in the remote, mountain region of Beausejour.

If you wish to help sponsor a child and/or farmer through the Brothers well established support system, you can make a donation by clicking on the "Donate" button.

Below are pictures of children and farmers in the Beausejour community, and for $25 a month you can help provide a school lunch for the students of St. Gabriel school, and off set their family's school tuition cost. Please annotate 'Child sponsorship' in the special instructions. The farming program helps local farmers establish small crop growing projects. To donate to the farmers projects, please annotate, "Farmers Program" in the special instructions.

Thank you for your support.


Next Beginners Haitian Creole Class now scheduled. Please email Gillian at: to sign up - class fills up quickly!


Please note; our 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit status can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Thank you,

Gillian & Team

Aim4Haiti NPO Co-founder/Director


Photo Credit by M. Compo.


Just arrived! Beautiful, handmade Haitian fairtrade Sweetgrass Baskets & Coffee.

Please email Gillian at: for further information. Thank you for your support in helping end global hunger and poverty.

Haitian Sweetgrass Basket and Coffee

Kindergarten students, Beausejour Haiti.

Kindergarten students, Beausejour Haiti.

Kindergarten students, Beausejour Haiti.

Kindergarten students, Beausejour Haiti.

History & Biography

Aim4Haiti was established in March 2017, when Gillian Compo co-founded the new nonprofit together with a dedicated Haitian partner.

Following her second volunteer medical mission trip to Haiti, Gillian a Vermont Educator/School Nurse, and parishioner of Holy Family/St. Lawrence/St. Pius X Parish in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, felt called to partner with local Haitian organizations to learn more about Haitian self sustainability and growth in a country still recovering from the 2010 earthquake, and recent hurricane damage.

Originally from Scotland where she first graduated as a nurse, and went on her first volunteer mission trip to Lourdes, France, Gillian has resided in the USA for 15 years now. Prior to that she spent 12 years living and working in Germany, and has dedicated her life to helping others. She has worked as a volunteer nurse in South Korea, France and Haiti. Gillian has spent a lifetime working in hospitals in Scotland, Germany and the USA, caring for the sick and dying.

Haiti itself is a country striving to rebuild and regain independence after the devastation of the earthquake in 2010. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Many families struggle to provide food and clothing for their children. Sources of clean water are scarce, there is limited healthcare services, and the basic needs of humankind are often not being met on a regular basis.

Initially, Aim4Haiti was invited to partner with a local Haitian health care provider in the remote, mountain region of Beausejour to help run a mobile medical clinic. As a result of this mission trip, Aim4Haiti nonprofit now partners with The Little Brothers of St. Therese, a Haitian founded religious order of Brothers who live and work alongside the Haitian farmers of the beautiful, remote mountain area of Beausejour. We now advocate and promote Haitian independence. So, if you know of any clinics, schools, or building sites in Haiti in need of well trained nurses, teachers or builders, please feel free to let us know.

If you wish to partner with us in helping support the work of The Little Brothers of St. Therese, Beausejour, Haiti then please visit feel free to make a donation, or private message us via email or through Aim4Haiti facebook/Instagram page:

A BIG thank you to all our 'Friends of Aim4Haiti' for their support and prayers thus far!

Gillian Compo



Below are links to some other people/organizations Aim4Haiti has connections with, who also do great work in Haiti!

Please check out this '!Master vimeo video' by Cameron Bushey to see the Beausejour and Port au Prince children/families we work with directly to help support on a continuous basis.

Aim4Haiti partners with, The Little Brothers of St. Therese of the Infant Jesus, Beausejour, Haiti.

Caritas Haiti.

Gillian is also featured in Cam's "Reciprocal Grace" set in may need a translator though!:) Check it out!


Beausejour Clinic, Haiti.

Two awesome nurses!

Beausejour Mission, Haiti.

Beausejour farmers.

The road to Beausejour.

New friends pose for a photo, Beausejour, Haiti.

Joseph, a high school senior at Beausejour School, Haiti and Gillian, Aim4Haiti Co-founder.

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