First Workshop in Artificial Intelligence Techniques for BioMedicine and HealthCare (AIBH)

Introduction to Workshop:

The application of AI in medicine has two main branches: the virtual and the physical branch. The first refers to the use of machine learning or deep learning technique to improve learning by experience and has significantly boosted the discoveries in genetic and molecular medicine; the physical branch relates to sophisticated robots and medical devices that are involved in the delivery of care. Applications of AI will became more and more diffuse in the next years, thanks to the advances in natural language processing and social awareness algorithms and last, but not least the unprecedented amount of available data.

The need of AI in health care is crucial! A huge volume of data related to patient medical records and also obtained by wearable health sensors has to be managed and analyzed in detail. We are flooded by data, routinely collected in health care, but much remains to do, data are often incomplete or inaccurate and this results to be critical in some process.

A great challenge is build better modeling tools for integrating human expertise and machine learning techniques to exploit big data in biomedicine and healthcare, formulate hypothesis about how the human organisms acts in heath and illness.

We are quite confident that this topic is an hot topic for the research community and a relevant and intriguing topic for the conference audience.

Research topics included in the Workshop

The workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for BioMedicine and HealthCare aims at bringing together

researchers from academia, industry, government, and medical centers in order to present and improve

the international state of the art and the latest advances in the intriguing area of the use of Artificial

Intelligence in the fields of BioMedicine, healthcare and in general wellbeing. AIBH is expected to cover

both theoretical and practical aspects, as well as technologies and tools of AI in biomedicine, healthcare

and wellbeing. The workshop will cover a wide spectrum of issues, from those aimed at easing and

supporting healthcare professionals' work to those devoted to improving patients’ lives. The workshop also

aims at discussing computational models, social computing, and agent-based solutions applied to practical

solutions that address topics related to Healthcare.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- AI in Healthcare Support Systems

- AI for Personalized Healthcare

- AI in Medical Imaging

- AI in Biomedicine

- AI in mHealth, eHealth, and Wearable Health

- Medical Expert Systems

- New computational platforms and models for health data;

- AI in medical and healthcare education;

- AI and data science in medicine, medically-oriented human biology, and healthcare;

- AI-based modeling and management of healthcare pathways and clinical guidelines;

- AI in Personalization of clinical care

- Health Care Information Systems;

- Applications of AI in Health Care and Wellbeing Systems;

- Machine and Deep learning approaches for Health Data;

- Neural Networks in Health Care;

- Multi-modal Data Fusion and Representation

- Important Dates

Sept 30, 2018: Due date for full workshop papers submission

Oct 27, 2018: Notification of paper acceptance to authors

Nov 15, 2018: Camera-ready of accepted papers

Dec 3-6, 2018: Workshops

- Program Chairs or co-chairs

- Ester Zumpano - DIMES University of Calabria, e.zumpano@dimes,

- Pierangelo Veltri – DMSC University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro,

- Luciano Caroprese - DIMES University of Calabria, l.caroprese@dimes,

- Program Committee Members

To be completed

- Invited keynote speaker (optional)