Using AI as a mirror for the mind.™

University of South Carolina's AI & AGI Laboratory researches artificial intelligence (AI) and general intelligence (AGI). Our research spans from experimenting with A.I simulations to interdisciplinary collaborations with the wider academic community. Our experiments use AI as a mirror to understand the human mind. Partnered with Interpares, we are networked with +50 universities across six continents. Informed by global research, we aim to serve our local communities. 

Our partnership with MethodsAGI 's simulation software assists researchers experiment on how learning and cognition are affected by A.I technology.

We use USC's BioMetrics UX lab enables us to experiment on how human biology responds to A.I technology.

We use USC's Social Media lab enables us to experiment on the interactions between society and A.I technology using big data.

We test people's reactions to A.I with simulations in our lab.

We invite you to contribute to our research team. Or you can contribute to the development of MethodsAGI: An A.I simulation software.

MethodsAGI lets you control the AI found in search  & bots (e.g., ChatGPT). By experimenting with AI and humans, we make insights on AGI.


Laboratory researchers

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