AI607 Graph Mining and Social Network Analysis

Basic Info

Location:  Seoul KCB Building 1, International Room (students outside the Seoul campus are allowed to join online)

Time: Mon/Wed 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Course Webpage:

Classum (online Q/A):

Schedule & Reading List

Slides will be uploaded at KLMS

AI607 Schedule

Assignments & Exams

Assignment 1 (Release on Sep 8, Due on Sep 22): description and template code

Assignment 2 (Release on Sep 22, Due on Oct 6 Oct 13): description and template code

Take-home Midterm Exam (Release on Oct 6, Due on Oct 20): problems

Assignment 3 (Release on Nov 3, Due on  Nov 17): description and template code

Take-home Final Exam (Release on Dec 1,  Due on  Dec 15): problems

Term Project

Project Title: Who will be the RULER of the battlefield?

Release (Due: Sep 15): description, data, report template

Progress Report (Due: Nov 3)

Final Report (Due: Dec 1)

Presentation (Due: Dec 4 & Dec 6) 


Kijung Shin (신기정)


kijungs (AT)

Fanchen Bu

Teaching Assistant

boqvezen97 (AT)

Manh Tuan Do

Teaching Assistant

manh.it97 (AT)

Shinhwan Kang

Teaching Assistant

shinhwan.kang (AT)

Taehyung Kwon (권태형)

Teaching Assistant

taehyung.kwon (AT)

Geon Lee (이건)

Teaching Assistant

geonlee0325 (AT)