AI607 Graph Mining and Social Network Analysis

Basic Info

Location: Online (due to COVID-19)

Time: Tue/Thu 14:30 ~ 15:45

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Classum (online Q/A):

Schedule & Reading List

AI607 Schedule


Assignment 1 (Release on 9/11, Due on 9/25 -> 9/28): description, template code

Assignment 2 (Release on 9/25, Due on 10/9): description, template code

Assignment 3 (Midterm Take-Home Exam) (Release on 10/9, Due on 10/23): description

Assignment 4 (Release on 11/6, Due on 11/20): description, template code

Assignment 5 (Final Take-Home Exam) (Release on 12/4, Due on 12/18): description

Term Project

Progress Report (Due: 11/6)

Final Report (Due: 12/4)

Presentation (Due: 12/8 or 12/10)


Kijung Shin (신기정)


kijungs (AT)

Office Hour: Thu 4-5pm

(also, by appointment)

Hyeonsoo Jo (조현수)

Teaching Assistant

hsjo (AT)

Office Hour: by appointment

Inkyu Park (박인규)

Teaching Assistant

inkyuhak (AT)

Office Hour: by appointment

Taehyung Kwon (권태형)

Teaching Assistant

taehyung.kwon (AT)

Office Hour: by appointment

Geon Lee (이건)

Teaching Assistant

geonlee0325 (AT)

Office Hour: by appointment