AI506 Data Mining and Search

Basic Info

Location: Online for the time being (due to COVID-19)

Time: Tue/Thu 14:30 ~ 15:45

Course Webpage:

Classum (online Q/A):

Schedule & Reading List

Slides will be uploaded at KLMS

AI506 Schedule

Assignments & Exams

Assignment 1 (Release on Mar 12, Due on Mar 26): description and template code

Assignment 2 (Release on Mar 26, Due on April 9 April 16): description and template code

Take-home Midterm Exam (Release on April 9, Due on April 23): problems

Assignment 3 (Release on April 30, Due on May 14): description and template code

Assignment 4 (Release on May 14, Due on May 28)

Take-home Final Exam (Release on June 4, Due on June 18): problems

Term Project

Project Title: Question Tag Prediction

Progress Report (Due: April 30 May 7)

Final Report (Due: June 4)

Presentation (Due: June 8 & June 10)


Kijung Shin (신기정)


kijungs (AT)

Hyeonsoo Jo (조현수)

Teaching Assistant

hsjo (AT)

Jihoon Ko (고지훈)

Teaching Assistant

jihoonko (AT)

Kyuhan Lee (이규한)

Teaching Assistant

kyuhan.lee (AT)

Geon Lee (이건)

Teaching Assistant

geonlee0325 (AT)

Gyeongman Kim (김경만)

Teaching Assistant

man805 (AT)