September 2022 - January 2023

Seminar Series

AI for Breast MRI

on Zoom every other Thursday 11AM ET  


Deep Learning for Radiology is a rapidly developing research field with a large number of investigators in Breast Radiology alone. We are organizing an online seminar series entitled “AI for Breast MRI”. The goal is to keep up with the progress in this field all around the world. 


“The failures that lead to the cutting edge.” It is easy enough to read a published paper, but a lot goes on behind the scenes. We are interested to hear of the problems that came up, which ultimately lead to breakthroughs, and of the problems that still remain.


It will be different. We want to break away from the conventional 1h monologue with slides. We want to have conversations instead. We will be starting with 30 min presentations followed by conversations, breakout groups, exercises ... we will experiment with the format. We encourage questions during the presentation, and presenters will join the discussion in other session. The objective is to keep everyone engaged for 1h, making space for everyone, at all career levels (students, postdoc and researchers). 


These moderated online events will be open to all experts and trainees in the field and take place every two weeks at 11 AM Eastern Time. This time has been selected to make it accessible to participants around the world. We envision this seminar series to become a point of reference for the community across all time zones. The schedule is below. 

The Speakers

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NYU, Jan will present his latest results in deep learning for diagnosis of cancer in Breast MRI.

September 15th 

Associate Professor in Radiology at Duke Center for AI in Radiology, Maciej will talk about data sharing for benchmarks and proper model development.

September 29th 

Radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Liz will present her latest results in deep learning for radiologist-level segmentation on cancer in Breast MRI. 

October 13th

Professor of bioinformatics at Mount Sinai, Li will present about training deep learning models with partially annotated and unannotated mammograms for breast cancer detection. 

November 3rd

Radiologist and researcher at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Sarah will talk about the development of a Deep Learning tool for triaging breast cancer MRI .

November 17th

Radiologist and Director of Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Kaja will talk about the development of a Deep Learning tool for triaging breast cancer MRI 

November 17th

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Adam will talk about mammography screening policy and risk modeling.

December 8th

Docent and radiologist at Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden). Fredrik will present about an ongoing clinical study for AI tools for mammogram analysis and MRI screening benefits. 

December 15th 11AM

Associate Professor in Radiology at the Imaging Research Division, University of Pittsburgh, Shandong will talk about breast MRI and background parenchymal enhancement

January 12th

Research Assistant Professor, Radiology, The University of Chicago. Heather will talk about harmonization and ethics/fairness in breast MRI, as well as merging multi-modality information

January 26th

Senior researcher at the BCN-MedTech Centre of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Karim will talk about trustworthy AI for MRI based estimation of treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

February 9th
Postponed: TBD

Postdoctoral researcher at University Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands), Bas will talk about explainable AI in breast MRI.

February 23rd


Sep 15 - Jan Witowski: Deep learning for diagnosis of cancer in Breast MRI.

Sep 29 - Maciej Mazurowski

Oct 13 - Liz Sutton / Lukas Hirsch

Nov 3 - Li Shen

Nov 17 - Katja Pinker-Domenig/Sarah Eskreis-Winkler

Dec 8 - Adam Yala

Dec 15 - Fredrik Strand

Jan 12 - Shandong Wu

Jan 26 - Heather Whitney

Feb 9 - Karim Lekadir

Feb 23 - Bas Van der Velden

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Liz Sutton, Yu (Andy) Huang - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Maciej Mazurowski, Lars Grimm - Duke University

Kelly Myers, Michael Jacobs -  John Hopkins University

Lucas Parra, Hernán Makse, Lukas Hirsch - The City College of New York