Sunday, October 20, 10am - 4pm

@ Finnish Hall in Berkeley, CA

AGILE BEAST is a methodology for movement and fitness training rooted in dynamic health. Workshops include lecture/study and functional, integrated movement training. Suitable for those with an active movement practice ready to evolve their ability, skill and understanding.

Taught by Sebastian Grubb, award-winning fitness trainer, professional dancer, and health coach. Perfect for trainers, dancers, bodyworkers, rock climbers, and more.

AGILE BEAST is awesome! Sebastian combines detailed information with kickass workouts to help you embody it. I found this workshop very helpful as both a dancer and movement coach. - Belinda H

I have taken three of Sebastian Grubb's AGILE BEAST workshops. Responsiveness, Adaptability, Proprioception, Coordination, Energy, Strength… I continue to walk (and crawl, and leap) the beastly path. Thank you, Sebastian! - Aaron B

Early Beast by Oct 11: $95

Early Beast by Oct 19: $115

Drop-In / At-the-Door

Full Workshop: $125

Low Income? Contact for info.

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3 Movement Training Sessions with an optional Evening Anatomy Lab

Each session with Sebastian includes lecture/study and functional, integrated movement training.

From the Mud: Locomotion Variation

-Rolling, Crawling, Walking, Running, Jumping


Social Animals: Partner-Augmented Training

-Stay-Ability, Climbing, Throwing, Intelligent Resistance


Rooted Recovery: The Rest of It

-Myofascial Remodeling, Athlete's Nutrition, Functional Stretches, Posture Balancing


Anatomy Lab with Nuria Bowart: "What is the Fascial Web, Really?"

-A discussion-driven Lab on the three-dimensional matrix of the body with renowned teacher and bodyworker, Nuria Bowart.


+$10 paid to Nuria