I am a staunch Google supporter.

History with Google :

  • 2001 in Nice , south of France - Still sitting in that old Internet Cafe called ' Webstore ' - with my friend Rich, who lived in Los Angeles with his French mom, he pointed out his investment advice, amongst other Blue Chip companies : Google
  • Then Google was a company one just got to know about : A Search engine like Yahoo

Since then, 17 years down, lots has happened. For one thing : Google is now a part of life really.

Imagine life without it in 2017 : Can you ? I for one can not. Life would be so different.

Take a typical example : Travel

Before you would go to a travel agent, who would squeeze his face upon you coming to disturb his routine. ( At least this is what we were used to, inspite of bringing the company business for decades ).

Today things have changed : You browse Google flights - wow !

No regrets there I say. From the onset I love this platform. Saving money the smart way. Your tickets are as you would love them to be ( well - not exactly so - would love them to cost zero price ). However, being realistic, you CAN NOT get a better deal anywhere.

These guys are brilliant ( Google software engineers ). Coming up with some database that rocks.

Getting the best flight at the cheapest fares is something of a challenge - considering the hundreds of thousands I have already spent on Airfares in the past, many for over prices tickets.

Google lets you choose the Airline, date, class, whatever - and recommends alternative dates for flying at cheaper fares. What else do you want : A private Jet Bombardier my daughter used to fly to Paris or London ? Naah I am over this. I am a seasoned flier without much expectation, who does not want more than a glass of water, or juice at the most. I have seen it all.h

So here is to Google flights. For me the best platform there is. Got to know about it through my son, who doesn't agree with many of my views, a clear manifestation of genetical heritage. ( He is in Barcelona Spain at present, whilst I am sitting on my Note in Accra, Ghana at present, waiting for my next flight to Nice, South of France ).

So Google is awesome. To say the least. Full of praise for this great company. If I had foreseen this era , I would have become an IT engineer, rather than fighting with TEXTILES all my life.

But the videos my new passion

I remember in 1992 I was in charge of a 260 strong workforce in Africa. We went through tough political times. Faced with Military takeovers and strives, you name it , I have seen quiet a bit.

A guy came to me I knew. He introduced the first PC with Windows 3 to me. Set up with hardware ( 200 MB Harddisk ) don't remember the RAM - ROM, but it wasn't a lot. I was the first Manager to set up a PC in my office. We trained in D-Base . Wow.

Within a few weeks I wrote my first program in D-Base. Running some complicated calculations through the PC was the start in my IT business world.

We communicated internally via FAX modem, PC to PC.

However, this wasn't my first exposure to the new IT world. In our Technical college we were into designing patterns for Textile fabrics using a mainframe computer that took the size of a room.

Thinking back of how the world has changed is a task. Sometimes I feel thing have gone too fast.

NOW the new era

Today I am using Python and Google app engine to be successfully accessing the cloud, Google has done it again.

It provided me with a platform in the cloud, gave me a user friendly Appengine, which keeps changing continuously, but works exactly as you would expect ( perhaps even better ).

Whilst all cloud services like AWS, AZURE Windown * I am not fond of it, tried it for months * , Google appengine makes it easy to make you run the cloud.

And Google is faster than Azure - at least here in Africa. AWS is fast too, but you pay - a lot that is , so I just use it as a REDIRECT .

Cloud is the future.

There is one little complaint I must voice out

After being ten years on the web, with many site developments, I feel Google can do more for LOYAL USERS in terms of SEO. Algorithms come and go, but customers and loyal followers stay.

They can stir up the beef to get us going more. It would be easier than hundreds of hours of white hat links and to some extent black hat techniques, that Google frowns upon.

Of course I run Google Ads, but they bring little - except on our YOUTUBE channel. But even there I noticed a drop lately.

Let us have a piece of the cake as a token of appreciation that we have been supporters to your mighty engine * no surprise here.


I wanted to write more, however its time to take a rest now. Just letting you know I appreciate your services and work. If you do a littel intelligence work I don't take it too tragic.

Google has helped me more than I can write about. And I look forward to my maps contributions work which is filling up vastly.

Some more next time.

Perhaps you do me favor : Let me get off WORDPRESS completely. I am tired of the charades, leakages, continuous plugin garbage, updates, hacking, and failures, etc.

It would do me a good favor if you come up with an idea to host our shop.

What else : See you next time