The 2025
Affordable Flying Expo

Now Tentatively Scheduled For January 9-11, 2025

Lakeland, FL-Based ‘Affordable Flying Expo’ Now in Planning Stages


With the demise of the once well-regarded fly-ins at Sebring and DeLand, many sport aviation fans and companies have abhorred the vacuum that has been created in their absence. While Sun ‘n Fun and Oshkosh provide a lot of opportunity to see the best and brightest from among the sport aviation industry’s finest offerings, those immense shows provide less opportunity for close inspection, demo flights and special attention for that unique and valuable segment of the aviation world. 


The winter fly-ins, (Sebring in January, and DeLand in November), provided some excellent venues for sport aviation to shine... but the lack of location support, management issues, and other concerns have seen both these events slide into obscurity. 


Now... There is hope. 


The Aero-News Network, the SportPlane Resource Guide, and the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo are working together (with other vital partners being considered) to create a new generation of winter expositions. Still studying the options of either a November or January timeframe (until industry surveys are concluded, though January seems an early favorite), the complete schedule will be announced shortly… but one exceptional detail bodes REALLY well for its potential for success. The event is being organized to be conducted at none other than Lakeland Linder International Airport in Lakeland, FL... which is otherwise the home of the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo... though SnF is not the primary organizer of the event (Face it… they have a LOT on their plate). 


The program already has an intriguing site plan that will emphasize easy access, the potential for plenty of flying, including demo rides, and excellent exhibit facilities, to boot. Best of all, the proposed event benefits from the relationship with SUN ‘n FUN… well known for its expertise in producing world-class aviation events… and a facility that is already one of aviation’s finest venues for special events.


Website, programs, schedules, and other data are expected to be released very soon… and we welcome…. even strongly request... the input of the SportPlane and Affordable Flyer community to make this all that it should be.



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