Alan Pietsch, a founding member of the faculty of the Fine Arts Academy, is creating a video documentary on the history of the school ā€“ from original conception to the opening to its early years. The video will be composed primarily of interviews with administrators who were involved in the early planning stages, the original staff ā€“ Alan Pietsch, Steve Collins, Melissa Bourbeau, Cheryl Hockett, Susan Donk, Steve Ventura, principal and, of course, Miss Evie. He will also interview alumni and current students and staff.

YouTube short video regarding project:

While not only serving as a record of the history of this unique and successful school, it is hoped that it will also serve as a model for other schools and districts to create similar schools around California and the country. In addition, it will be a testimony to the importance and power of including the arts in public education.

Mr. Pietsch is working under the umbrella of the PTSA. He is raising funds for the project through Go Fund Me. All donations will go to the PTSA and then they will disburse them. All donations will go directly to production costs. To make a donation, go to, or make a check payable to AFAA PTSA and note: Legacy Project. Since the PTSA is a non-profit organization, your contribution is tax deductible. You may also contact Mr. Pietsch with questions at

Iā€™m sure you all agree how important it is to preserve and promote the story of this truly remarkable Jewel of a School.