For coaches who care about their reputation, integrity, coaching service & impact as well as their profits.

If you think you could be helping more people with your skillset and experience but don’t know how...

 We help great coaches impact more people.

Many incredible coaches leave the fitness industry because they’ve never been taught how to run a business.

We teach excellent coaches how to build businesses they love & positively impact more people.

This will give you a chance to chat to Emma before signing up to make sure you are a good fit.
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WHY we created AFM:
We believe that some of the best coaches are held back by overwhelm & lack of confidence.

Our purpose is to help you see your potential & inspire you to take action.
How we do this:
The best businesses are built on solid business values.

Many coaches believe they have to sell out to grow a business this isn’t true.

AFM takes the overwhelm away from building a business & shows you where to focus your efforts to get the best results.

We provide the guidance & support you need to build a business based on your values.
WHAT we have created to help you succeed:

- A structured course to follow to grow your business based on over 20 years experience & input from industry experts.

- Weekly Q&A podcast with Emma

- Monthly business review

- Weekly mastermind calls to share ideas & network (hosted by Emma)

- 1-1 accountability calls to keep you on track

- A community of peers to push you & support you in equal measure.

- Access to leading experts so you can learn from the best.
All for 1 monthly price (£299 per month)

No tie in. No pushy sales.
Please note I prefer people do minimum of 3 months of 1-1 mentoring with me first (this is not £299 a month)
Book a call to apply for this here (there are limited spaces)

Meet your mentor:

Emma Storey- Gordon

What's different?

One of the key differences at AFM is that I get it.
Having a mentorship that is run by coaches, for coaches provides a depth of insight many mentors don’t have because they have never actually run successful online coaching businesses.

The online fitness space has evolved so much in the last few years that if you haven’t been in it, it is hard to stay relevant.

The biggest barrier I have come across to people on the edge about signing up to AFM is that they have been burnt by mentors in the past.

They’ve spent a lot of money on ‘10k a month plans’. This isn’t like that.

This is one of the reasons I created AFM.

Instead of just moaning that most business mentoring is a scammy I decided to create something better.

How do you know I won’t rip you off?

I guess you don’t. but I certainly wouldn’t put 15 years of reputation on the line for £299 a month.

There is no tie in, I don’t do pushy sales, I am not going to ‘press your pain points’

You should join because you get me on your team, invested in seeing you win & I go above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools and support for that to happen.


Do you post content every day but get minimal engagement and zero sales?

Do you work SUPER hard for your clients but feel that you are not getting rewarded for your effort?

Are you sick of being sold "a 6 figure business"  or "10k months" and really making an extra £2000-3000 a month would be totally game changing?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this is for you.

We are looking for excellent coaches and trainers who are struggling to make sense of all of the business advice out there and just want to grow their businesses in an ethical and enjoyable way.


I personally run multiple 6 figure fitness coaching & education businesses and I have helped with 100s coaches do the same.

This is something that is rare in other mentorships - the online coaching world moves so fast that if you're not in it you will struggle to keep up!

I want to help you get out of your own way, fulfil your potential and ultimately help more people.


A constantly updated content library will be available to all members covering everything from finding your niche to how to run a sales call to how to build a software stack to best serve your clients.

The content is split into 3 sections:


Without a doubt the best part about AFM is the coaches in it. You will learn as much from each other as you do from the course and mentoring calls.

The weekly mastermind calls are GOLD! You will have take home actionable points from every single one.

There are is egos or gate keeping here of information here.

You can learn something from everyone and you'll be blown away by how giving everyone is.

'A rising tide floats all ships'





Our vision is to create a community and environment that nurtures continued progress, both personally and in business.

If you are passionate about betting yourself and your business you are in the right place.

We believe that passion, inspiration and success are contagious. That is why it is important to surround yourself with people who will push you beyond your own limiting beliefs.

AFM is about giving coaches the accountability & confidence to grow their business, help more people, make more money & have more time.



Masterminds are group calls where you can get input from everyone. If you're looking for ideas, support and motivation this is where to come.

I always leave with a tonne of ideas myself. 


The first 3 months 1-1 are at a higher cost (shockingly because there is more time involved).

1-1 mentoring is us coming into your business to help you build it. It's very hands on.

For the group we make it very affordable to stay on. The reason for this is that we realise building a business takes time and trying to do anything real will take longer than 3 months (think about how fat loss works, inevitably it takes longer to really get it nailed down).

Our price point (£299/m) encourages you to stay with us long term for the community and accountability EVEN as you use other mentors and coaches for specific areas of your business. 

We have no doubt that you'll have no problem making an extra £299 per month from the support within AFMentors so this becomes a no brainer for the long run.


The community is based on mighty networks - you will have access to this when you sign up. You can ask any questions here - the AFM fam is VERY firendly and everyone wants the best for each other. 


A brief overview of what we'll be covering across 4 modules (the content library will grow weekly):





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