For fitness professionals looking to upgrade their business and their lives.

How to build a business that you love

Meet your mentors

Emma Storey- Gordon

Dr Emil Hodzovic

What is AF mentors?

Emma and Emil started AFMentors in 2021 because they see some of the most amazing coaches leave the fitness industry becasue they don't prioritise their business. And we get it, being the best coach you can be is the most important thing to you (us too) but unfortunately that isn't enough.

Growing your business means the ability to serve more people. We want to see great coaches with great businesses help more people!

What's different?


Do you post content every day but get minimal engagement and zero sales?

Do you work SUPER hard for your clients but feel that you are not getting rewarded for your effort?

Are you sick of being sold "a 6 figure business" or "10k months" and really making an extra £2000-3000 a month would be totally game changing?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this is for you.

We are looking for excellent coaches and trainers who are struggling to make sense of all of the business advice out there and just want to grow their businesses in an ethical and enjoyable way.


AFMentors is made up of 3 areas: Mentorship, Education and Community. Each of these has been a vital component in our personal success.

Our core mission is to help you deliver more value to your clients and enjoy the process - building a business which serves you.


Emma and Emil both run multi-6 figure fitness coaching businesses using polar opposite methodologies. Emma has multiple group coaching programmes and Emil runs a high ticket 1-1 offering.

Not only do we have this breadth of experience (and been in the industry for over 10 years) but we are doing it RIGHT NOW.

Via monthly business reviews and access to us via the community we will guide you towards your ideal business and life.

(For more information on what the business review includes keep scrolling) 👇


A constantly updated content library will be available to all members covering everything from finding your niche to how to run a sales call to how to build a software stack to best serve your clients.

The content is split into 3 sections:

  1. EVOLVING YOURSELF -Upgrade your mindset, be more efficient

  2. BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS - Practical aspects of building an online business including software, hiring and outsourcing.

  3. EXPANDING YOUR IMPACT - Delivering more value so everything sales and marketing will be covered here.

(For more information on what is included in the course, keep scrolling and if there is something you'd like to see, let us know - new content will be coming out weekly) 👇


You are the average of 5 people you spend most time with.

We are curating a community of like minded individuals because we know how important it is to surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. Not only will we be guiding you in your journey but you'll have the support and collective wisdom of the whole community.


  • ❌ THIS IS NOT a "course" to get you to 10k as quickly as possible so you can call yourself a 6 figure coach and then leave you hanging (P.s. we can definitely help you get to 6 figures and beyond but we'd rather help you take the first step to begin with).

  • ✅ If you want to make an extra £2000-3000 a month or even double your income in a fun and sustainable way then you're in the right place.

  • ❌ THIS IS NOT a hand holding exercise where we guide you through every single tiny step.

  • ✅ We are creating independent business owners and personal responsibility is a huge part of long term success. We will hold you accountable and point you in the right direction but whether you succeed or not is on you.

  • ❌ We are not using paid traffic in our businesses and we won't be teaching paid traffic as this is not where our skills lie.

  • ✅ We will teach you how to deliver more value both to your audience and your clients and show you have to convert this into business and personal growth


Our vision is to create a community and environment that nurtures continued progress, both personally and in business.

If you are passionate about betting yourself and your business you are in the right place.

We believe that passion, inspiration and success are contagious. That is why it is important to surround yourself with people who will push you beyond your own limiting beliefs.

AFM is about giving coaches the accountability & confidence to grow their business, help more people, make more money & have more time.



Each month we carry out a group call where we guide you through the exact process we use to track our numbers on a spread sheet provided (don't worry, you won't have to share them with the group).

We reflect on our previous month and plan the month ahead. Once we've done that we will be taking questions on any topic and there will be time for everyone to ask whatever they want.


We have chosen to provide this as a monthly subscription with options to sign up for longer (with a discount). The reason for this is that we realise building a business takes time and trying to do anything real will take longer than 2-3 months (think about how fat loss works, inevitably it takes longer to really get it nailed down).

Our price point (£250/m) encourages you to stay with us long term for the community and accountability EVEN as you use other mentors and coaches for specific areas of your business.

We have no doubt that you'll have no problem making an extra £250 per month from the support within AFMentors so this becomes a no brainer for the long run.


We are currently using a Facebook community because we want to maximise engagement. At some point we may migrate off Facebook but we don't want to compromise your experience by doing that too early.


A brief overview of what we'll be covering across 4 modules (the content library will grow weekly):


  • Introduction

  • Meet your Mentors

  • How to get the most from AFM

  • Course Layout, community rules and monthly review calls explained.


  • Introduction (Building a business is like building muscle)

  • Goal setting (motivation, passions, love what you do)

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Avoiding burnout (if you don't stay in the game you won't succeed)


  • Introduction (80/20 rule, consistency, identify what's working

  • Absolute Basics

  • Group vs high ticket vs digital products

  • Software


  • Introduction

  • Sales

  • Marketing 101

  • Organic marketing

  • Referrals

  • Email marketing

  • Introduction to FB ads.

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