We make water from the air and "sand" please see our slide presentation. Under extreme precarious conditions we can use sand to produce water similar to a sand tornado. However, with ideal situations we can also use alternative materials to sand which is more better in capturing moisture for the air.

Aero-H2O is a spin-off of the startup company Huvr Trek Group SL, which makes jet engines using green fuels from liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Clean renewable Energy can be stored in the form of compressed air. For more details about our Aero-H2O project please contact us at

Water is present in the air and mostly in the tropics, the Relative Humidity (RH) is about 77%-88% . We can tap this moist air from the tropics and create water from the air with minimum efforts using our Aero-H2O technology. We use simple economical and ecological materials to build a device that can efficiently generate water from the air.

Alternatives to sand particles are tiny silicone rubber balls that behave like sand but do not scratch the surface like sand. These tiny rubber balls are mostly use in the medical industry and also for pipes and tanks.