Kevin Gidusko


3D Archaeology, 3D Printing, GIS, Photogrammetry

Check out some of my work below. Click on the pics to load the 3D models

"Therefore, given that in the course of history many have acted on beliefs in which many others did not believe, we must perforce admit that for each, to a different degree, history has been largely the Theater of an Illusion "

-Serendipities, Eco 1998

To assist with an online component for a General Anthropology course my wife will be teaching, I created a 3D model of an archaeological site. This is the foundation of a slave cabin at Kingsley Plantation, which was most recently excavated by Dr. Davidson of the University of Florida.

I presented this poster at the 2017 Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Conference in Fort Worth, TX. Bernard and I both incorporate 3D modeling into our archaeology education and outreach. This poster highlights some of our efforts.

I recently had the chance to stop by Crystal River Archaeological State Park. I took the opportunity to model the famous/infamous Stele 1.

Shrimp boat wreck site documented as part of a coastal survey. This site was later heavily impacted by Hurricane Matthew and is largely gone.

A gopher tortoise kicked up this Middle Archaic lithic point at a nature preserve in Orange County. A previous survey was unable to find a single diagnostic artifact. This point, discovered by a volunteer, represents the only diagnostic artifact at the location.