About Andie Mae

January 11, 1999 -January 31, 2019

Andie was a loving girl. She had an adventurous spirit and loved to laugh. She has a huge family and made every effort to be involved in the lives of the people she loved. Andie has five siblings, with her nearest sibling being 14 years younger than her and her youngest sibling being 19 years younger than her. Andie was a second mom to her siblings. Although she was never blessed with children of her own, she would joke that she had the teen mom life.

Andie was a dedicated student. She was inducted into the National Honor Society and always had great grades throughout her time at school. Andie graduated with a Regents with Distinction Diploma from Holley High School. More importantly she was kind to all of her classmates. Andie was a sweet, gentle soul who could throw a little attitude around if someone messed with her cousins or friends. Her last year and half of her life was spent at North Country Community College where she pursued a degree in Radiological Technologies. They so graciously awarded her a post humus degree in May 2019. She was hoping to further her education after graduation and pursue a CT certification.

Andie had many loves in her life. She was passionate about photography. She was hoping someday she could run her own photography business. She loved taking pictures of people she loved, animals, and nature. Andie met the love of her life, Ian, when she was a freshman in high school. Her and Ian both enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, especially in the Adirondacks where they spent the last year and half together. Andie also loved her dog Cooper. She was hoping to take him to live with her and Ian after she graduated college. Cooper passed away suddenly in January 2020 just two days before Andie's 21st birthday. They must have missed each other too much to be apart.

We miss her so very much. We are dedicated to making sure every VEDS family has access to information and knowledgeable medical staff. We would do anything to be able to go back in time with the knowledge we have now.