A short 20 years ago, I took my first Disney World vacation as an adult. I fell in love not only with the parks and resort area, but also with the process of researching and thoughtfully planning out trips to make the most of a vacation. Since then, I've grown my personal travel portfolio to include cruises, travel to most of the Caribbean and Bahamas islands, adventures in a few parts of Europe, and exploration of many other beautiful places here in the US. My personal travel style? Budget-friendly luxury. I am all about finding deals to make my own travel affordable, but to make sure the "deal" doesn't sacrifice the experience. I love to do the same for clients.

The islands of the Caribbean are truly something special. Each one is so unique, and I'm devoted to learning about what each one offers to better guide my clients into their dream Caribbean escape. Several years back during a very busy time in my life, I was invited on a travel agent trip to Sandals Barbados. I don't even think I knew how to relax until I had that experience. Drink service by the turquoise waters. Delicious dinners without cooking or cleaning. A warm bubble bath drawn on the balcony in the evening. Sleeping to the sounds of the crickets and fountains below my room. I've since converted my, "I don't have time for vacation" fiancé into a Sandals guru, and they've become our personal top choice for vacations. We're even planning a wedding at Sandals Barbados in August 2022!


  • Finding the "best deal" for you (PS- It's not that Cheap Caribbean website!)

  • Preparing you for your vacation before you travel. This includes COVID protocols, travel restrictions, Passport guidelines, reservations, packing lists, and so much more!

  • Communicating travel needs. You only have one number/email to remember- mine. I'll handle the changes, payments, concerns, long hold times, and anything else related to your reservation. I'll even make sure the resort management team knows you're coming, what you're celebrating, and your room requests.

  • Providing detailed Disney World travel tips. When you are investing in a Disney trip, you'll want to get the best bang for your buck. I'll guide you through Disney Genie, dining reservations, resort tips, and more.

  • Assisting during travel. If you have a need or concern, I'll touch base with the many contacts I have to assist with getting it handled.

Sandals/Beaches Travel Specialist

Jamaica Travel Specialist

Antigua and Barbuda Specialist

Bahamas Specialist

Aruba Certified Expert w/ Aruba Romance Certification

Barbados Elite Club Travel Professional

Virgin Voyages "Gold Tier" Certified First Mate